For this comparison, we selected the leading a
çaí blend.  The processing method of this particular one was confirmed to be that which lab testing indicated was optimum to lock in the nutrients (see Science Corner). The ingredients panel lists açaí first, indicating it is the most prominent.  From everything we could determine, and was visually evident, this product had not gone through filtering of the high-fiber, nutrient-rich pulp solids, clarification processes which would pull out the unique omega fatty acid profile of açaí or excessive heat exposure in many popular dehydrating or pasteurizing methods.

According to independent testing we found, consuming the optimal amount (2oz. twice a day), would be the antioxidant equivalent to 13 - 14 servings of fruit daily.

Breaking down the product serving size and cost to a daily amount, rather than per bottle, which would last 6.3 days, or about a week, made it more relevant.  We found that the cost would average $5.13 USD per day.

With that rather impressive benchmark of 13 to 14 servings it was off to a major chain grocery store for the comparison.  The target was a total of 13 standard servings of a variety of fruits.  Attention was paid to get some dark-pigmented berries, as that is an indication of high antioxidants inherent with the fruit.  A variety of locally available fruits that were available at a reasonable price was selected.

Here was the result of this small comparison, presented with the trendy alternative.



A 30-second solution, that most report actually looking forward to everyday, for about one third the daily cost, May be just the solution for the vast majority who will probably never consistently even get the 7-9 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, let alone 13-14. 

While this comparison, May not be an exact science, as the lab-derived charts later in this issue are; It does give a good picture of one of the reasons this type of functional beverage is gaining loyal fans at an appalling rate.

With science now telling us what enemy #1 is in premature aging and the precursor for disease and spelling out the clear weapon - we are armed with the tools to reverse the downward spiral.

Like anything in life, it comes down to personal choice.  However, given the destruction and implications of the relentless work of free radicals in our body, if not countered by nutrients-dense, antioxidant-rich super foods, like açaí - we believe it comes down to two words.  It's about 'Health Equity'.  What are you investing in?

Maybe mom was right - we are what we eat.  Or as Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." 

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(world's #1 researcher of a
çaí berry)


NOTE:  Over 25 CD-length presentations on açaí from today's top doctors, including 4 Oprah contributing doctors all available here.





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"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."   - Hippocrates, The Father of Modern Medicine