To get clarity on how this single enemy of your body's health is aging you from the inside-out and functioning as a precursor to disease, if left unchecked, watch this except great animation illustrating the process and answer.


The clip so clearly illustrates the damaging chain reaction of this #1 enemy in our body.  It also begins to point to the seemingly simple solution.

The "simple" solution that is rarely simple

While nearly all recent research points to this free radical damage, and resulting inflammation, as a key cause to disease and the very process of aging, the preventive measure seems clear, on the surface.

There have been over 350,000 published scientific papers on the direct benefits of antioxidants to counter this oxidation process in our bodies.  The most natural and effective are what we get from eating quality fruits and vegetables.


The USDA now tells us we need to consume 7-9 servings of fruit daily to get these critical antioxidants and phytonutrients.  Did you eat your 7 to 9 fruits today?  How about yesterday?  When was the last time you did this baseline minimum?

There are two dilemmas here.  Why do less than 5% of the population eat this minimum level the USDA tells us is necessary to maintain optimum health and greatly reduce your risk of disease such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes?  One is a function of convenience.  Good habit patterns are difficult to develop considering the time, effort and money to shop for, prepare and eat this daily - most fall short of even this minimum standard.

Secondly, even those conscientious about their fruit intake and who try to eat the recommended daily servings, are nearly always still falling short. The dilemma lies in the depleted nutritional content of commercially grown fruits today.  A recent report revealed that in 1951, two peaches would have supplied the current RDA of vitamin A for an adult woman.  Today, a woman would have to eat 53 peaches to meet the same requirement!  Modern agricultural practices, combined with harvesting and storage methods, are largely responsible for this disturbing nutritional degradation.

While the habit of eating 7 to 9 fruits per day may provide an obstacle, and the fact that what we find in the local produce department has been called, "empty fruit" - there is strong trend toward a simple, effective solution.

Functional fruit juice blends are growing at an exponential pace for good reason.  People are looking for quick, convenient, effective solutions to counter the antioxidant and nutrient deficiencies that threaten our quality of life. 





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"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."   - Hippocrates, The Father of Modern Medicine