AÁaŪ Berry Testimonies Submitted By Individual Consumers

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I'm extremely active--into skydiving, skiing, and other sports, plus have been a work-out and weight-lifting zealot all my life. Then I injured a shoulder, damaging a rotator cuff. Because of the extreme pain, for five months, I was unable to do ANY kind of lifting on an incline bench or bench. I come from an entire family of fitness people, and not being able to work out was leaving a huge hole in my life.

Then I began drinking the Acai Active Blend juice, and within only TWO weeks, I was back to lifting full force, as if nothing had ever happened to my shoulder. I am totally amazed.

Years ago, I used to race Motocross, and now that I'm feeling so good, I've decided to go back into it again. In fact, just recently I landed very hard on my heels trying my first 75-foot triple jump and was afraid I'd shattered both ankles. They swelled up, but not nearly to the extent they have in the past with much lesser sprains. I'm convinced the Acai Blend is what kept down the inflammation and helped speed up the recovery.

Michael M.


I have been using acai juice for more than two months.  While I am fortunate enough not to suffer from any major health conditions, I have observed some suble changes that have occurred to my body while using acai.  First, my gastrointestinal system and its regularity have improved tremendously.  Also, I have had better sleep at night.  It's not that I had trouble sleeping before, but the sleep I have now is very sound and very deep.  Acai juice has also raised my energy level.  I keep myself very busy.  Acai has helped me confine confine my energy and concentrate.

My wife, Barbara, has suffered from arthritic, joint and back pains for many years.  Since using acai juice, she's thrown away her pain medication.  I believe that's excellent in such a short amount of time.  It has really helped her joint pain.

Dr. R. Berman, M.D.

I'm seeing great benefits from The Acai Blend! I have had shoulder and neck pain daily for the past 11 years due to a fall while giving my nephew a piggy-back ride. In my efforts to support him, to prevent injury, I hurt myself. I work in Physical Therapy so I tried the ultra sound and Electrical stimulation but both gave me only limited relief. I started with one bottle on Friday, May 28. (1 ounce in the morning and at night) I first noticed no acid reflux the first day of using it. I always get acid reflux when I go to bed at night and off and on during the day depending on my diet, and have not had any since. My shoulder and neck pain were GONE as of the following Tuesday. I ran out of The Acai Blend on Wednesday, May 2nd and contacted you to buy more. The shoulder and neck discomfort returned over the weekend. (it wasn't as painful and did not last all day)but the acid reflux never returned. I received my case on Tuesday, May 8, and got back into my routine. Still no neck and shoulder pain and no acid reflux and I don't have those daily headaches that went with the neck and shoulder pain. I have a lot more energy and I'm not struggling to put on my shoes because bending down doesn't seem to be so much effort. I am more flexible. And those are the things I notice on the surface. I know there are benefits internally.

I have sung The Acai Blend praises to several people and some have found out for themselves how wonderful it is while others are still skeptical but you really do need to try it to believe what a difference it can make. I love it! My son is drinking it as well and he states he has more energy and no more leg cramps and more flexibility. We both have migraines. He gets frequent migraines and has not had any since starting The Acai Blend. He's no longer stretching to relieve stiff muscles and with his landscaping job, he was always lame at the end of the day... not anymore! I think we are hooked!!!

-Deborah E.

I am a practicing chiropractor, specializing in atlas-orthogonal methods, and was a nutrition therapist for many years.  Not only does acai help in the chiropractic wrold, but it is also a practical nutritional supplement.  Luckily, I don't have any health disorders or major complaints, but I do have a very strenuous job.  I'm very active for most of the day and unable to sit down much.  Acai has given me increased energy to get me through the day, especially throughout the afternoon when all I want to do is take a nap.

I also have better sleep and overall better concentration throughout the day.  Some days I see between 80 and 100 patients, so I am on my feet and moving around quite a bit.  One of the reasons I use acai juice is to prevent things from happening in the future.  I think of it as an insurance policy for my health.

Dr. Katherine Crafton, D.C.

As a Wife and Mother of 2 boys, I had a busy life but I also have had a laundry list of problems. Some of them minor, Some not. Most I attributed to getting older and the extra weight I have been carrying around.

I have always had head aches with some migraines every once in a while. But I started to have problems with my knees. Just a little at first, I thought, Oh its just that its so humid here and I need to exercise. So I started to walk again. We bought a beautiful 2 story house that was supposed to be our home for ever. The pain in my knees started to get worse and just walking through the neighborhood became an ordeal. Then the pain started in my feet too! We started talking about selling out house because of the stairs.

I was having increasing sinus problems, head aches everyday at work and I was starting to hobble down the stairs... I was at the point where I could not play hide and seek with my children because I couldn't run to base!

I have been to scared to go to the doctor- I knew what he would tell me. Something horrible like arthritis and or knee replacement.

My daily routine consisted of gobbling down OsteoBiFlex every day In Addition I was taking 6-800 Mil of Advil per day + Aleve . I am sure my liver was so happy at this point. Sure I would feel better, but that created stomach problems,

I know, Dah! -But I refused to see a doctor and be put on prescription medication. I just didn't want to believe that I was "getting older" and having these problems so soon!

I was turning Forty and thought " Is this what 40 is? Sensible shoes and prescription drugs? Copious amounts of Pepto Bismol, Advil, Aleve?" and not to be graphic but I seriously considered buying Preparation H stock....

Then my friend shared the juice with me, She told me her story and I was at the point where I would try anything. I couldn't believe a juice could help but I said I would try it. Oh yes, I was skeptical and was sure that it was just like all the "other" natural remedies I had taken with no results. The word "snake oil" came to mind.

I followed her instructions and drank the bottle, 4 oz 2 x a day. The 1st 3 days I noticed no difference, 4th day I felt better and noticed that I slept like I used to sleep- BEFORE kids!. So I thought what the heck, I will get some more. It Tastes good and its a good healthy drink anyways. By the end of week 1, I was simply astonished at the difference in my knees! Wow! about 90% pain free!

Week 2 Suddenly I realized that I not taken 1 pain pill, inflammation reducer or stomach medication. I also noticed that I did not have one head ache in 2 weeks-

3 weeks into this and really, I hardly have any pain in my knees or feet when I stand or use stairs! Yeah, Some snake oil! This has done more for me in 3 weeks than years of herbs and ibuprophin! -Today I cleaned out the medicine cabinet.

Unbelievable! My husband is so impressed he is willing to give it a go!

I am a believer and I am so grateful to have been introduced to this amazing, incredible gift from God and Mother Earth. Now more than ever we have to save our planet. What a wonderful concept. Its a Win Win, feel good, create good for everyone, Miracle Juice! Thank you !

Karen M.
Columbia, South Carolina


I have an interesting story to report regarding live blood analysis. I was curious as to whether the Acai Blend really did work. After receiving my first bottle, I took two of my children who have health problems to a microscopist to have their blood analyzed.

My daughter, Tonia, who is 36 and suffers from severe migraine headaches, was first to test. She also has weight problems due to the migraine medication, gaining approximately 60 lbs. in the last 90 days. Her health problems have interfered with her work, causing her to miss a lot of days. The first observation with Tonia was that her finger would not stop bleeding after the pin prick. Under the microscope, her red blood cells were stacked together in clumps, showing very little movement on the screen, and showing a lot of malnutrition. We then had her drink 2 ozs. of Acai Blend, and then wait while we did Kelly's first test.

My son, Kelly, who is 28 and about 100 pounds overweight, was tested. He showed major free radical damage in his blood. We estimated that between 85 and 90 percent of his cells were damaged. In fact, the microscopist said he had never had another patient with more damage. This much free radical damage was very unusual. After this initial test, we then had Kelly drink 2 ozs. of Acai Blend.

By this time, Tonia's hour was up and we retested her blood. Her finger prick this time was normal. There was no excessive bleeding. Tonia's new test showed about 65-70% of the red blood cellsí stacking had dissipated, and the cells were much more active - moving much faster. The cells also showed better color - proof of better health. We were all blown away by these quick, positive results. In fact, the microscopist insisted on retesting, and the testing showed the same results the second time around!

Kelly's hour was then up, so we retested him. Our microscopist was still amazed at Tonia's results, and commented that there would be no way we'd see much difference with Kelly because his cell damage was so extensive. But were we ever in for a surprise. Under the microscope, we could only find one or two cells showing any free radical damage. We estimated that to be less than or equal to 1%.

This live blood analysis report of my two children has confirmed with me that everyone needs to be using this product!

Alan T.


I was diagnosed with 4th stage melanoma in May of 2005. I had my surgery in May and started my treatments of Interferon on May 22nd. I am 24 years of age and have a 2 year old son and I was having a difficult time with the medicine. I did okay at first and then it just started to wear on me. Always being tired, and always being achy. After about 4 or 5 months of the medicine I was very tempted to call my doctor and have him prescribe me some pills because I was ready to give up on the medicine.

For some reason, I was lucky to run into a bottle of The Acai Blend at a store I was in. The lady at the counter told me a little bit about it and said she had been through treatments too. She said this bottle of juice really helped her feel better. So I decided to to try it and boy, this is one of the best things that has happened to me. I don't even feel sick, or like I am on any treatment! I have been blessed. I just hope that we can get the word out about The Acai Blend because if it can do what it has done for me. I can only imagine what it will do for people who are in much worse situations than I am!

Kaye W.
Davisburg, Michigan

Our son Tanner began exhibiting developmental delays, odd preoccupations, and ritualistic behavior at age 2 Ĺ. He was diagnosed with high functioning autism and Sensory Integration Dysfunction shortly after his 4th birthday. We began aggressive intervention immediately, doing research as quickly as we could.

After consulting with physicians, occupational therapists, and behavioral interventionists, we started a 35 hour a week intensive Applied Behavior Analysis in home program. This program was the backbone of Tannerís treatment for the next 2 Ĺ years. In addition to ABA, we also treated Tanner with chiropractic, cranio-sacral massage, dietary intervention, treatments at the Sensory Learning Institute in Oak Brook, IL, and worked closely for 1 Ĺ years with Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a leader in the field of biomedical intervention in autistic spectrum disorders.

Now at age 7 and in kindergarten assisted by a shadow/helper, Tanner is doing extremely well. He has made giant leaps towards normal functioning and our hope is that he will someday be indistinguishable from his peers. He does still exhibit, however, deficits in sociability, pragmatic language, cognitive processing, and has unusual preoccupations and play habits.

While Tanner is a success story, I am continually looking for additional therapies that will improve his functioning level and continue him on his path to recovery. I first considered starting Tanner on Acai Blend juice after I saw the dramatic impact the juice had on Christi Godwin, the daughter of a close friend of mine. Christiís story is amazing. She has long been afflicted with multiple issues, most troubling being attention deficit disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. After starting to drink the juice Christiís improvement was astonishing. When I saw this I decided to give it a try with Tanner. Between 3 and 4 weeks after I started Tanner on the juice the feedback from his teachers and shadow at school became increasingly positive. They reported that Tanner was becoming more social and showing more interest in the other children. They also reported that he was absorbing new concepts more quickly, and showing greater independence in his schoolwork. At home we noticed that Tanner was decidedly more verbal, making more observations and asking more questions. We also noticed that he began to show more interest in playing with his sisters and was less inclined to go off by himself and hyper focus or engage in pointless repetitive activities. Overall, he just seemed calmer, more engaged, and more in touch with the world around him. Of course we were thrilled and incredibly thankful. These improvements have continued and even increased as Tanner continues to take the Acai Blend daily.

I am thoroughly convinced that in order for our bodies and minds to function optimally we must be fueling our bodies with the necessary nutrients we all need. I have had mild irritable bowel symptoms over the last 3 years and am plagued with seasonal allergies and sinus problems. Since starting Acai Blend I have experienced dramatic improvement with my irritable bowel issues and am rarely taking over the counter allergy/sinus meds, which I used to take almost daily. I also used to feel tired and would get very sleepy in the afternoons. I have had greatly increased energy since starting the Acai Blend and rarely feel in need of a nap.

After watching the improvements in my son and experiencing great improvements in my own daily functioning it makes me wonder---how many of our common complaints---low energy, weight issues, joint pain, digestive problems, allergy issues, attention and learning issues in children, etc.etc. ----could simply be because we are not supplying our bodies with optimal nutrition in our highly processed on the go typical American diets? I truly believe that this is a wonderful way to improve anyoneís nutritional status, which can only result in greatly improved mental and physical performance.

Nicci and Tanner
Nurse and Student
St. Mathew, South Carolina


I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 3 years. This past year the pain was getting worse and I was fortunate to be introduced to the Acai Blend by my friend Kim Okran. I was amazed that in just four days I begin to get relief from the using it. I am currently on it for 6 months and I no longer suffer from pain.

My feet used to swell in the evening when I walk for long distances during the day and since taking the Acai Blend it no longer swells. My toe used to be numb because of poor circulation and the numbness is also going away.

I also have a challenge in the evening because I wake up hourly to use the washroom. Another interesting benefit of consuming this product is I no longer wake up in the night and this happened after 3 months of consuming the Acai Blend. I am so grateful for discovering this amazing product.

Rosemary L.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


At just 18 months, our third child, Christi, was diagnosed with NF (neurofibromatosis). NF is a genetic disorder of the nervous system which causes tumors to form on the nerves anywhere in the body at any time. The effects of NF are unpredictable and have varying manifestations and degrees of severity -- ranging from mental retardation to no problems. About 50% of children with NF are effected neurologically.*

The first significant signs of Christi's problems surfaced at the age of four. She was unable to listen to a story and interrupted with multiple questions. Her Pre-K teacher noted that her handwriting was poor and that her behavior was disruptive to others. Not able to hold a thought, she would blurt out in class on a regular basis.

Entering kindergarten, her condition worsened. Christi tested way below average, being a lot slower to process than kids her age. My husband and I kept hoping and praying for her to progress in the developmental stages.

Christi's pediatrician sent her to a private psychologist before entering first grade. In addition to Christi's NF, she was further diagnosed with the following:

1) ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): a mental disorder that develops in children, impairing functioning at home, school and in relationships with peers and May include symptoms such as: impulsiveness, hyperactivity and inattention*

2) OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): an anxiety disorder including recurrent obsessions that create an awareness of alarm or threat, person effected typically engages in some avoidance or escape response*

3) CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder): a deficit in which the child experiences difficulty analyzing or making sense of what he hears*

4) WLD (Whole Language Disorder): an impairment of comprehension or use of the form of language, including the sound system and word order, the meaning of language, including vocabulary, or the function of language in communication, including social interaction and appropriateness*

5) VPD (Visual Processing Disorder): an inability to visualize whole images, causing major comprehension problems because the individual understands only part of the information rather than the complete picture*

6) SID (Sensory Integration Disorder): a neurological disorder that results from the brain's inability to integrate certain information received from the body's 5 basic sensory systems*

7) Developmentally delayed

8) 78 I.Q. (100 I.Q. is average)

Christi was in a constant state of turmoil, and it was difficult for the rest of the family as well. What had become extremely hard for Christi was that her brother, four years younger than she, was passing her in every area, and he couldn't help becoming frustrated with her lack of reasoning skills. She was so distraught she would pull her hair out of her head, pick at scabs till they bled, bite her fingernails down to the nub, and irritate practically everyone. She struggled tremendously with terrible thoughts haunting her.

Even though she was irritating to others, particularly to her three siblings, she couldn't make herself stop. She had no idea as to how to fix it or make it better, nor did anyone else for that matter. With the diagnoses made, this began a cycle of trials with countless medications.

ADHD was treated firstly in hopes of Christi being able to focus; therefore, function more normally academically, as well as socially. The following drugs were tried with Christi since she was 7 yrs. old--some working only a short time and all of them causing negative side effects: Metadate CD, Adderall, Straterra, Dexadrine, Concerta, Ritalin, Dextrostat, Luvox and Zoloft.

First grade proved to be horrendously difficult for Christi. We spent 2-3 hours nightly, laboriously working with homework assignments. Hoping she was just a "late bloomer," we kept her in first grade, but moved her to another private school at Christmas time. She passed first grade, but we still debated over holding her back that grade.

Proceeding to second grade, again we worked really hard in helping Christi make it through yet another school year. The work load had increased to 3-4 hours daily, with no real signs of improvement in the learning process.

For third grade, we placed Christi back in her original school, and we were told by the teacher that she was not ready and simply not able to do the work. With that interpretation, my husband and I chose to put her back a grade, repeating second grade.

Continuing to struggle in grades three and four, Christi worked with a private tutor two times a week, while we still maintained a 3-4 hr. daily workload. By the end of these school years, she was making D’s and F’s, but we were happy just to see her be promoted.

By fifth grade, the situation with Christi's education became even more complicated. Three different teachers were tried, and all of them concluded the same: She is too far behind. After two weeks, the school determined she was not going to survive the fifth grade curriculum. Once again, we found ourselves moving Christi to another school, a smaller private school. We kept up the same heavy weekly workload, including the private tutoring two times a week. She was passed to sixth grade.

However, at the onset of Christi's sixth grade year, the teachers said she was not ready. An echoing of what we had heard so many times before was repeated: Christi is unable to do the work. At this point in Christi's schooling, I felt like I had exhausted all of my options with the schools. Home schooling was the only strategy I had not tried. Although I kept the private tutor twice a week, this process was indeed the biggest challenge I had ever undertaken. I felt I was getting nowhere with Christi--that she had plateaued. She could not apply what she had learned. There were just no signs of abstract thinking--no analytical, logical skills whatsoever.

By Christi's seventh grade year, I was at my wit's end. I called the Home School Association and asked for an adapted curriculum. They provided me with a remediation program on a third-fourth grade level. The plan was to have her see some success with school at her level, so that her horrible self-esteem could be boosted. Then, perhaps she would be able to progress in school. However, I was extremely haunted by the idea that Christi would never get a high school diploma. I was told that perhaps she could follow the certificate track, rather than the diploma track. Not exactly what a parent wants to hear, but we trudged onward anyway.

In May of 2005, Christi would begin her eighth grade year, already two years behind in age. She was to continue with the home schooling program, and again her meds were changed in hopes of improvement. Since the pediatrician had had no success with ADHD medications, she decided to treat Christi's OCD. Luvox was administered first with no success. Zoloft was the next drug, 100 mg daily.

The Acai Blend was introduced to me the summer of 2005. Drinking the Acai formula, I immediately noticed an energy boost, and the migraine headaches that had plagued me for years simply stopped. My husband saw the changes in me, and he too began drinking the Acai Blend. Like myself, he also gained more energy, and he developed clearer thinking in his stressful job as a business owner. In addition, his high blood pressure began to normalize, and he was able to reduce his medicine by 2/3.

With such positive results, we felt it was worth a shot to also give it to Christi. After all, none of the meds had proven effective. So, in May 2005, we started her on the Acai Blend. After only ten days with Christi drinking 2 ozs. daily of the Acai Blend, we noticed a significant improvement. Christi was actually listening without interrupting everyone, and she was making appropriate comments in conversations.

Our eldest daughter returned from college to take Christi to lunch, and was truly astonished with the changes in Christi. She exclaimed that for the first time ever the two had had a conversation and that Christi was very polite and well-behaved. Christi's sister begged us to keep her on whatever we were giving her because of the positive changes she witnessed.

Christi's pediatrician was shown the Acai Blend with accompanying literature. She had no objection to Christi drinking it, so I kept it up! With Christi continuing to improve, I cut back on her Zoloft medication by 25 mgs. every ten days. By the end of May, Christi was completely off her medication.

Christi's height had been stalled at 4'10-1/2" since age 12 (for two years), and her pediatrician had told us not to expect any further change; stunted growth was yet another manifestation of the NF. Ninety days after Christi had begun the Acai Blend, the doctor found she had grown a full inch taller!

Christi continues to show improvement by drinking 2 ozs. of Acai Original Blend every morning. We no longer have to give her a sedative to go on family trips, because she is able to ride quietly in a car and converse normally with others. All of our friends have commented on how sweet Christi has become, and we've had many inquiries about Acai Blend due to her remarkable story.

Communicating with kids her own age, instead of younger ones like she did before, Christi gleams with happiness. With the increased self-esteem, Christi has been able to attend a Technological School. She made a "90" on her first business law test, with no assistance from me. Partaking in a work study twice a week with another student, Christi works at stables, helping younger students.

Also surprising is the fact that she is horseback riding and competing in horse shows. At a most recent horse show, Christi placed in every class 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. To be an equestrian requires technical skills, and Christi is able to complete multiple tasks with the sport, over and beyond those in her age group.

Before taking the Acai Blend, Christi struggled with everything and was a very unhappy child. The family suffered the effects as well. Now, she is a delightful child with a great sense of humor and keen intuition. She has made improvements in every aspect of her life and continues to do so. She loves to be hugged and touched and for me to play with her hair, whereas the SID was so severe before, she couldn’t stand contact. Christi is constantly striving to better herself, and she has a strong desire to succeed.

The most amazing of Christi's accomplish-ments since her use of the Acai Blend stemmed from her desire to obtain her learner's permit on her fifteenth birthday, Oct. 26th. Her pediatrician had told me long before she May never get a driver's license. On her own initiative, Christi asked that I get the driver's license book to study. She devoured it in three days, had me quiz her and said she was ready.

Failing the computerized test the first time did not defeat her. She begged me to go back the next day to retake it. I tried to persuade her to wait two weeks to take it. Christi would not hear of that, so we went back the second day, and she passed it. Driving me all over town, Christi is a good driver and more careful than my other children. Appreciative of all the good fortune that has come her way since starting the Acai Blend, there is no doubt in my mind Christi will carry on through life's journey successfully. ~Joanna Godwin South Carolina

Addendum: I spoke with her doctor and told her the WHOLE story. She told me that she is COMPLETELY convinced that Christi's extreme problems stemmed from some nutritional deficiency that this acai blend has obviously taken care of! This is coming from a doctor who was known for downplaying any nutritional remedies. Now she just told me that there is NO other explanation for Christi's exceptional improvements! She is THRILLED for us and said to keep doing what we are doing. She wants to see Christi, because she says now all the ADD moms are asking HER about the Acai Blend! I had no idea!!!

Joanna G.
Orangeburg, South Carolina


I was introduced to the Acai Blend and started taking it right away and this is what I have experienced. For many years now because of my long work days I would get really tired and be asleep by 9:30 p.m. After taking the Acai Blend, I now have more energy and stay up much later sometimes into the early hours of the morning and as a result I am able to enjoy reading again and get more work done which was not possible before.

I have finished consuming two bottles and have started my immediate family on it as well. They too are also enjoying the benefits of the product.

I also noticed something interesting with my Eczema which covers my body and since taking the Acai Blend, the Eczema is doing much better . I am excited to be able to share this with the rest of my family, friends and business associates.

Willie L
Travel Consultant
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In early May, I decided to test the efficacy of the Acai blend upon the suggestion of my beloved wife, Eileen. I drank the juice on Sunday. The following morning when I did my short jog, I was surprised to feel the usual strain and pain was very minimal. It was really almost half gone! All thanks to the strange Amazon berry juice. This stuff is nothing short of a miracle!

Senior Education Officer - Retired
Age: 86

After I had been on the acai drink for 3 weeks I was feeling no pain, I have tennis of the elbow's, bad knee's from falling on them off a platform at work, aurther in the hand's. hand's also hurt from time to time from repetitive job's at work.

I have worked the afternoon shift for 14 year's, as of May 28th I was switched to day shift, I had came down with the virus that was going around, getting 5 to 6 hr's sleep, instead of 8 to 9 hr's of sleep, there wasn't any place that didn't hurt, Iwas doing a different job also, which met different motion's, twist and turn's. I with all my heart fill if I wasn't taking the drink at that time I would not have made it through it. I'd been in the hospital. I'm back to only some pain depending on the day I've had other wise no pain.

Margaret S.


I was introduced to the Acai Blend at the end of May by my business partner and was initially very skeptical. In hindsight, I am really glad that I tried the Acai Blend because it helps me with my digestion, I notice significant increase in energy and a sense of well-being and vitality. This started to happen after I was on the Acai Blend for two weeks.

It has also helped me with regularity as I suffer from the lack of fiber intake and hence constipation. Now I have no more problems in that area.

Colin K.
Professional DJ / Entertainer
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


My husband and I were presented a bottle of the Acai blend during Christmas. We started drinking one ounce in the morning and at night on 02 May By 09 May, I could climb the overhead bridge without being breathless. I could walk faster and feels more energy in me doing so. My arthritic pain also has lessened. Best of all, I am enjoying good sleep at nights. My husband, Rudy, is also experiencing benefits from the great tasting Acai blend. The extra energy booster matches his enthusiasm to share with others the magic of the Acai blend! Thanks Chee Hua for your unexpected wonderful gift!

Rudy & Ivy R.
Retiree / Homemaker
Age: 76


About 3 years ago I began having extreme foot pain in both feet more so on the right foot. I worked for a doctor and I was on my feet all day and limped badly. I finally went to a Podiatrist who ordered an MRI of my feet, as well as a bone scan. They both showed extreme inflammation with the forming of bone spurs on both heels. My diagnosis was "Chronic plantar facitis" with heel spur formation. She injected both of my feet with 2 shots each of Cortisone over a period of 6 months. This helped very little. I was taking prescription medication for the inflammation as well as pain medication. At night when I got into bed my right foot would throb with excruciating pain that kept me awake as if a hot ice pick was being jabbed into the bottom and side of my foot. The podiatrist advised me to get orthotics made so I did for a cost of $400.00 that I put into these $100.00 ugly shoes that I was to wear all of the time. I continued to hobble around for a few more weeks thinking, surely, relief would come but instead I drove 2 hours away to Houston, Texas to an orthopedic foot specialist. He made me another orthotics for my shoe and sent me home with continued medications with an addition of Elavil. That helped me sleep somewhat and did ease the pain just a tiny bit. My head began to shake up and down from the side affect of the Elavil, so I quit taking it and all medications and decided that I would not want to ruin my liver trying to alleviate my foot pain. I decided to tuff it out and learn to live with the pain......until I went on line looking for what ever might help me as well as my husband.

My husband who was very skeptical of "Snake Oil," came to the computer and read and listened to the reviews. I went out of town the next week and he ordered 4 bottles and started the active himself. I came home on Friday to a new husband. To my surprise and delight the Acai Blend has taken all of my Plantar Facitis foot pain away and I not longer limp or wear my ugly shoes. I've been taking the Acai Blend for about 4 weeks now. That is just one of my health issue stories. The other involves frozen shoulders bilaterally and bursitis in left elbow. Needless to say I will never be without it.

Lynda K.


I suffer from Congestive Heart Failure, Emphysema, Gout and Arthritis. With in 5 days, I have been able to go to the mall, which I love to do to walk around. This time I didn't have to stop every 50 feet, because I wasn't able to breath. I was able to walk the mall for an hour and only stopped twice. Plus I am able to laugh again, sleep better and I have more energy. One of the best things about this, I am no longer getting my gout back, which is so painful. I will not go with out my juice.

Mary Ann F.
Age: 74


My name is Helen. My husband and I came to Canada from China in 2000. Both my husband and I operate two dry cleaning businesses in Coquitlam. In 1998, while still in China, my husband experienced a very deep pain in the left thigh area. After an X-ray, the doctors were not sure what the real problem was. The X-ray showed that there is a mark in the pain area.

Upon moving to Canada in 2000, my husband still experienced the sharp pain. Though He visited Chinese herbalist and the Chinese herbs helped for a short time, it was still very painful for him most of the time.

However, recently, a friend came to see us and told us that he is using a natural health product that helps with aches and pain. Thinking about my husband, I asked him to get me two bottles.

My husband started using "Acai Blend" immediately - one ounce in the morning and one ounce in the evening. Just after using the product for one week, my husband told me that pain is gone. It is over three weeks now and the pain has not returned! I am so happy for him. I would like to encourage everyone to try the Acai Blend.

Business Owner
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada


I suffered for years with arthritis in my shoulder which resulted from a torn rotator cuff injury. Within a week of taking the product I noticed a decrease in pain and stiffness, enough that I was able to reduce the amount of Tylenol I took daily to deal with the discomfort. Needless to say the least I was impressed with the results. I started on May 27, and as of May 3, I am completely free of pain. I simply drink one ounce in the morning and one ounce at night.

Jerry R.


I suffer from severe dizziness 24/7 and during bad days I was not able to get out of bed and standing up was extremely difficult. Other symptoms that I encountered is that I get irritated of even minor sounds like that made by the ticking of the clock on the wall. I consulted with many different physicians and specialists which resulted in many different diagnosis and different medications however they could not help me with the dizziness.

I was introduced to Acyclovior a drug which kills Herpes virus by a lady who suffered from the same symptoms as myself. She suffered from dizziness for 18 years and finally discovered that she had Menieres Disease, which is an inner ear problem. After I started taking the drug it started to work but not all the dizziness went away. I was grateful for the improvement though as I started to have sort of a life back.

Shortly after, I met Kim who introduced me to the Acai Blend. I gladly tried it to see if my health challenge would improve further. What amazes me till today is that even after taking only 2 bottles of the Acai Blend my dizziness completely disappeared. The Acai Blend also helped me with my Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, I get lots more energy, I shed some extra weight, my eyesight improved but best of all I started smiling again. I thank God for the experiences that I had gone through and also owe a debt of gratitude to Kim for sharing the Acai Blend because I now have my life back.

Eun Joo C.
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


I have aches and pains especially in my knees. They always seem to get worse when the cold or humidity hits. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis so there is inflamation in my joints. I have been drinking 3 to 4 ounces of Acai Blend and I can feel the relief almost immediately. I encourage anyone with aches and pains to try this and see what it does for them.

My energy level also seems to be picking up as well. Two other observsations I have is that my nails are growing like wildfire and I sleep sounder at night.

This is a great tasting juice that I don't want to be without. Thanks.

Beth M.
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


For the past three years, I have not been exercising. When I started exercising again, I experienced excruciating muscle ache when I was done. Usually the muscle aches from would last for three to four days.

I was introduced to Acai Blend and started consuming it after exercising and the nice thing that happened is the muscle ache now lasts less than 12 hours.

Elizabeth W.
Market Researcher


My name is Thelma. I am 84 years old and over 90% of my bones have osteoarthritis. Before taking the Acai Blend I had to rest after making my bed in the morning, had chronic pain and severe acid reflex. I couldnít eat anything. After a week on The Acai Blend I have the energy and the pain relief to get down and scrub my floor. I feel like a 19 year old. And I can eat anything I want.

Thelma W.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I am a fifty nine year old female. Before taking acai juice I was always exhausted mentally and physically. I have a full time job in St. Louis and all I could think about was resting when I got home. My knees hurt, my shoulders hurt and my hips hurt. I have been on the acai juice blend for two weeks, my knees don't hurt, my shoulders don't hurt and I have energy to mow the grass when I came home from work. God has sent me this, it was an answer to my prayers. Now I can go on my Alaskan cruise and not worry about where I will get the energy. I am blessed and I am passing this blessing on to family and friends. Thank GOD!

Kathy R.


Iím forty-seven years old and the ďMr. MomĒ for seventeen years. I was an electrician before that. Iíve had a bad knee for over ten years and I didnít think Iíd be able to work as an electrician again. A job came up ten miles from my house and I decided to give it a try. I got the product two days after I started the new job and needless to say I was sore and hurting by then. The second day I got out of bed was the first day I got the product. I have a fast metabolism and I thought the product work begin to work quickly. I didnít expect the energy level, and I didnít expect my knee to quit hurting; but that morning I had taken two ounces and in less than two hours my knee had eased off, the muscle Iíd pulled in my back the previous night was easing off, and I was shocked. Over the next day or two, I realized that the muscles on my right side, which are always very tight from my low back to the top of my neck, had relaxed. And thatís why I was feeling so good. I told my friends that either the product or the job was making me feel this good, and that I didnít think it was the job. This job has been second and third shift and I donít think I would have made everyday without the product. Running pipe off a 16ft ladder and doing all work over your head, you canít imagine what my knee, back and shoulders would have felt like without the product. But Iíve had more energy than Iíve had in twenty years and my back and shoulders have not hurt me, nor has every step up and down the ladder killed my knee. Iím amazed, which isnít easily done.

Garry M.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


I am an immigrant from the Philippines and have now lived in Canada for the past 11 years. I suffer from Arthritis since 1997 and lately it has been very painful. I used Advil to alleviate the pain but it still lingers on. I was fortunate to meet a lady Rosemary at the bus stop who was kind enough to share the Acai Blend with me. I was very skeptical initially because I did not believe in natural cures especially a fruit juice that has healing properties.

My friend Suzie encouraged me to try it and I reluctantly tried two bottles and to my amazement it works. Only after 3 days I started to see benefits from taking it and the pain went away. I am now on the products for 2 months and I no longer have any pain. I also experience more energy and sleep sounder at night. My daughter who has irregular bowel movement upon taking the Acai Blend now goes regularly.

Seeing such benefits for myself and my daughter, I shared this with my sister who also suffers from arthritis and canker sores for many years and after just a week the sores disappeared. Thank you Acai Blend as it has made a difference in the quality of my and my familyís life.

Mayda A.
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


At age 65, I'm still very active, but for a number of years have had very painful joints--my knees and especially my hands and fingers. I work in an auto dealership, and countless times while writing up a contract, my fingers would literally lock up and force me to stop doing the paperwork. Customers had to simply wait until I massaged my hands for 15-20 minutes and finally could continue. Each time this happened, the pain was intense, and my fingers locked in a crooked position, like you might see with severe rheumatoid arthritis. From the VERY FIRST DAY that I began drinking the Acai Blend, I have not had a single problem with my hands or my knees, and since that first day, I have been totally PAIN FREE.

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference this juice from the Amazon has made in my life. It's a miracle product to be sure. I even went out and played 18 holes of golf a couple of weeks ago and walked the entire game. Before, I had to ride a cart part of the way because the pain in my knees was so bad. Iím drinking 2 oz., twice a day. That's double the suggested amount, but it tastes great, and I don't want to take any chances!

Al S.


Iím 57 years old, at the age of 2, I became a victim of polio. Since that time I have had several operations on my ankles and feet. Iíve had my ankles fused so I could walk. I also had pins put in my feet. Polio really took a toll on both of my legs and my spine. My left leg is 1 inch longer than my right, so that left me limping all these years which gave me curvature of the spine. As time went on, I developed arthritis in my legs, ankles and spine.

Every time the weather would change I would get severe pain in all my joints. My feet would swell double in size, and my joints would ache so badly that it left me sitting on the couch, most days crying. Then back in May my daughter called and told me that she was taking a new health drink from the Amazon, Acai Blend. She has been a lifelong athlete, playing hockey, softball and tennis, which left her with arthritis in her knees and back. She told me the pain had stopped in her knees and back and even noticed digestive system changes plus more energy throughout the day.

I began drinking this amazing juice in early May, 2 ounces twice a day. By my 3rd week, I noticed the joint pain in my legs, ankles, feet and spine was gone. W0W!!! The swelling in my feet is now gone as well. I will never quit drinking this delicious tonic. I have more energy, I can do things with more flexibility, I can stand on my feet longer, and I even noticed Iím walking longer distances. I want to thank the research team for developing such a great product.

Patricia I.


Two and a half years ago I had surgery on my left knee because of years of wear and tear from my job. I'm a AutoBody Repair Man by trade and my left knee was shot after 38 years as one. I had a skilled surgon do the repair but there's only so much a man can do. Six months after surgery the pain was still there only not as bad.  Five months ago my family doctor put me on a pain management program three Ibuprophen three times a day, took the edge off but pain was still limiting my actions. Climbing stairs was out of the question, running with my grandkids was impossible, the hikes my wife and I enjoyed so much, a thing of the past. Wake up in pain, live all day with pain, go to bed in pain and start the same same thing all over the next day. I met a man and his wife at the hospital where my wife worked. He had some fliers lying on the lunch room table as we ate lunch together and I asked what he had. My life has not been the same since. Two weeks after drinking acai-juice the pain in not only my left leg was gone but also in my right . Five weeks on the Juice regained use of fingers on my right hand, I could make a fist again, back pain gone after eight weeks. I've noticed other benefits as the list goes on. My wife and I are thankful for acai juice and the fact that it contains eighteen other fruits for better health.

Bill P.


Iím a truck driver, putting in 10-hour days with a lot of heavy lifting of 5-pound chains and 2-pound straps, along with heaving 80-pound tarps above my head and over the loads that Iím hauling. By the end of the day, I was hurting all over with legs aching severely. Now that Iím drinking the Acai Blend, one ounce twice a day, the aching and pain have stopped, and I have a lot more energy to get my work done. And this major change happened within only 3-4 days!

Jack B.


I'm a 28-year-old mother of four (ages 9, 5, 3, 1). More than two years ago, I began experiencing unexplained exhaustion, irritability, severe hormonal changes and mood swings, also heart palpitations and other symptoms that grew progressively worse. By 10 AM in the morning, I was so fatigued I couldn't even get up to care for my children.

I had bouts of extreme anger and found myself punching walls, beating my pillow and even swinging at my husband. I also developed frequent headaches and sudden and severe allergic reactions to dogs, to cold weather and other things. Life became a living nightmare for my entire family, and I knew something was radically wrong with my body.

After repeated doctor visits, I was finally diagnosed 6 months ago with Graves Disease, a form of hyperthyroidism, one of the many "autoimmune" disorders. I was first put on beta blockers, then on a thyroid medication. The medications seemed to make things even worse. I found myself alternately sweating, freezing and with terrible itching of my skin.

My body was shaking so badly, and there was so much pain in my knees and fingers that I had to go on bed rest for two weeks. I couldn't even raise my arm enough to brush my hair--which by then was falling out in chunks. My nails were also breaking off in pieces. My husband had to take time off work to care for the children and even to carry me, sometimes daily, into the doctor's office--often I couldn't even walk.

My regular doctor was trying codeine, anti-inflammatory drugs, even steroids, to no avail. A specialist wanted to use radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid gland. Suspecting the medications were part of the problem, I began getting off them after about 4 weeks.

A short time later, someone introduced me to the acai juice blend, and I began drinking one ounce, twice a day. Just two days later, I found myself with enough energy that I no longer needed the morning nap that had been essential for a long time. During my first week with the juice and off the medications, I still had a few, mild episodes of heart palpitations--irregular heartbeat. Since that time, now two months later, there have been NO recurrences.

I have gone through an entire monthly cycle free of the major hormonal changes and mood swings. I feel no more anger or depression. I have no more exhaustion. No more punching walls. My body doesn't shake uncontrollably anymore. My children have their mother back, and my husband declares he has a new wife!

Several days ago, I had a follow-up thyroid visit with my doctor. When I told him I was feeling great, he kept looking at me, then at my chart and appeared bewildered. When I commented that he seemed confused, he said he was trying to figure out what they had done to change things--the last time I'd seen him, I was in very bad shape and in terrible pain.

When I told him about the juice and gave him some literature, he asked if I would share the information with one of his nurses who was suffering with the same condition. When I told her what it had done for me and then gave her the bottle in my bag, she broke into tears. "You don't know what I have been going through," she said. "I actually have an appointment to leave here in 15 minutes to see a specialist ... and my boyfriend's mother came to my house last night to let me know she was praying that God would send an all natural way of dealing with this."

Sabrina S.


Eight days before I heard about the Acai Blend tonic, I hurt the hamstring tendon in the back of my leg and was limping around and applying various homeopathic remedies. Nothing made the slightest difference. It was actually hurting more instead of getting better. Five days later, my first Acai Blend order arrived. I felt the pain decrease somewhat within two hrs of drinking the first 2-oz of the original blend. The pain completely disappeared after I'd been taking 2 oz twice a day for two days!

This was was pretty amazing to me--a tendon can take a long time to heal. Actually, it hasn't completely healed yet--I can still feel it if I push on the spot--but it no longer hurts at all when I walk. After a week of 2 oz twice a day, I reduced the dose to 1 oz twice a day. About a week later, I began feeling a twinge when I walked, so went back to 2 oz again, and the pain disappeared right away. I'm very impressed with this product. It's the first supplement Iíve ever taken that has produced a dramatic physical result! I know that if the anti-inflammatory properties of this juice can eliminate the pain of an injury, they are doing a lot of other good things for my body that I can't even feel.

Linda W.


I have been plagued by pain in the ankle for months. Being a jogging enthusiast, the pain limited my ability to jog long distances like I used to in the past. After my daughter, Avril introduced me to the Acai Blend, I was wowed by its effect. Nowadays, I can go for my regular jogs and doing my 10km without fearing the pain. My friends have also commented on how fast I run these days. Thanks to product, I do not have to give up my favorite sport.

Yeow Teck S.


I was diagnosed two years ago as having a neurological disorder called myasthenia gravis (same condition Aristotle Onassis had). It greatly affected my ability to walk or stand without falling as well as hold onto things without dropping them. Much of the time I suffered with double vision, my eyes were drooping, and I had to quit my corporate job--I just didn't have the energy to do my work, and medical care demanded a lot of time. Even going to the mall became a huge chore to me.

I tried traditional care as well as alternative remedies, yet the condition held its grip on me. Stress exacerbated the symptoms. The Immunoglobin treatments I took at a cost of $3500 per bottle (a full treatment was nine bottles at a cost of $31,500) were supposed to help my energy, but helped little. For a period of time I had to get around in a wheel chair, then worked my way into using a 4-prong cane, then a single cane, and finally began walking. Six months ago, I underwent major surgery (chest cracked open) to have my thymus gland removed, which doctors said would "fix everything" and bring back my energy.

I kept waiting for the energy to come, but it didn't. Then 3 months ago, I began drinking the Acai Blend, one ounce, twice a day, and within 3 days, I felt a miracle had happened.

I began exercising every morning, almost expecting my muscles to give out--but they didn't! A few days later, I joined the gym! I felt like I could go dancing! Suddenly the limitations on my life were GONE! No more double vision. No more drooping eyelids. No more stumbling, falling or dropping things. I have full use of the arm that was most affected. I look and feel great. I can even RUN again!

Last month, I took my nieces to a concert, and we climbed all the way to the very TOP row to reach our seats. I could hardly believe I wasn't even tired when we got there. I am SO grateful for this juice. My life has been renewed!!

Dawn W.


I'm 54 years old, and my work used to require extensive travel and also standing on my feet through very long days. About 6 years ago, I became acutely aware of a worsening numbness in both feet and serious swelling that went half way up the calf of my legs.

Seeking a way to curb this worrisome condition, I began a fitness regimen of regular running, hiking, skiing and other physical activity with an especially rigorous athletic event every 90 days. Although this and good support socks controlled the swelling to some extent, it did nothing at all for the numbness. It progressed frighteningly from my toes to the middle of my feet to the instep. I could walk barefoot in the snow and not even feel the cold. It was as though I were carrying two dead wooden paddles in the middle of my feet.

Fearing how far this numbness might progress, I was willing to try the Acai Blend, but truly did not expect it would be a solution. I drank 2 oz. in the afternoon, 2 more with dinner and 2 the following morning. Within 12 hours, I could feel sensation starting to return to my feet. That was just 3 weeks ago, and I am elated with the results.

I can FEEL the texture of my socks again. I can feel a wrinkle in them. I can feel the hurt if I stub my toe or step on a pebble. I can lie in bed and feel the sheets touching my feet instead of feeling as if I didn't HAVE any feet. I am experiencing tremendous relief from the stress of uncertainty about all this. Two oz. of the Acai Blend, twice a day is now part of my permanent health regimen.

Another significant change has been my habit of perking myself up with coffee. Typically, I was drinking 3-4 pots daily. Now, I'm drinking only 3-4 cups a day. The craving for coffee was substantially diminished almost immediately, perhaps because of having more natural energy and no longer needing the ongoing "pick-up."

Don T.


The stress was just getting the best of me by my thirteenth year of teaching middle school. Other health issues, including severe insomnia and painful pre-menstrual cramps were not getting any better. I knew I had to slow down and take care of my health, or the stress alone could kill me.

Thank goodness for finding Acai Blend! I started taking 2 ozs. twice daily, once in the a.m. and once around 3-4 p.m. On the first day, I noticed increased energy. I immediately stopped drinking the dreadful Mountain Dew after these positive results. Within three weeks, I experienced a calmness--a whole sense of stress reduction.

Equally important, I wasnít calling the doctor to write me a fifth prescription for insomnia. I had previously been treated fifteen years for clinical insomnia, taking four different prescriptions. The prescriptions would always work temporarily, and then I would suffer adverse effects. Many times I would choose to just go without sleep for 24-72 hrs. at a time, and suffer the consequences of sleep deprivation as opposed to negative prescription side effects. Although being able to sleep soundly has been a blessing, the most significant health change for me has been with my life-long pre-menstrual cramping.

Rolling on the floor in fetal position, gritting my teeth in pain with hot sweat dripping profusely from my forehead, I have been taken to the emergency room several times for these excruciating cramps. Demerol was my answer to relief until an ER nurse told me to start taking Advil, equivalent to 800 mg. of Motrin one to two days before menstruation.

When this time approaches me now, I start with 4 oz. of Acai Juice. If I have even a slight indication of cramping later in the day, I down 2 oz. more immediately. In other words, I take as much as my body needs to avoid dealing with the painful cramps, and having to take Advil ever again. Besides the Advil doing damage to my liver, it only made the pain subside a little.

The Acai Blend has allowed me to be pain-free for the three months Iíve been drinking it. I continue to drink 2 oz. in the morning and 2 oz. in the mid to late afternoon. Acai has definitely become my answer to quality of life! I look forward to sharing this great product with others.

Andi W.


I work long, stressful hours in a restaurant, and for the past 8 months, I have had breast swelling and soreness along with frequent chest pains and tiring very quickly. The doctor referred me to a surgeon for the swelling, but I didnít call to make an appointment.

I began drinking the Acai Blend about 30 days ago, and the results have been amazing. In that short time, the swelling in my breast has disappeared entirely, the chest pains are non-existent, and my energy has gone through the roof. This has certainly made a believer out of me--everybody should try this juice for 30 days!

Jo P.


I've had MS for 31 years but am still ambulatory with a cane or a walker. Shortly after I began drinking Acai Blend juice, just one ounce, two times a day, we went on an 1100 mile road trip, two days on the road each way. Amazingly, I suffered no attacks during or after the trip, which would normally have wiped me out completely. Although I take no medications at all, both my neurologist and my chiropractor have said my spasticity (jerking in legs) is significantly better. Not only that, I have a lot more mental clarity, have much more energy and am getting more work done each day.

Cindy C.

On the third day of taking acai berry juice I noticed that I woke up earlier than normal and felt better than I had in a long time.  I had a lot of increased energy after taking just 2 oz four times a day.

I used to wake up during the night then have trouble falling back to sleep but now I sleep like I did when I was a kid.  I kept this regiment for the first 3 weeks then gradually increased dosage.  I love 'The Juice' and now drinking about a bottle a day and find that I have tremendous energy.  In fact those 30 years younger than I have trouble keeping up with my current pace.  Not bad for a 53 year youngster!

Owen B.

For the past 30 years, Iíve suffered from psoriasis on the back of my neck, my elbows and inside my ears. I visited a dermatologist every 6 months to refill prescriptions for creams, gels & shampoos that helped control the flaking, but never cleared up the scarring and itching.  I began drinking 3 ounces twice a day of acai juice for a knee problem. After 3 weeks, my knee felt great, and to my surprise, the psoriasis was completely cleared up! Iíve applied no meds whatsoever and the psoriasis continues to stay clear!

Heather H.

I'm a 52-year-old Alaskan woman who's lived with pain ranging from moderate to extremely severe for much of my life, starting with sore joints and migraines even as a youngster. Various injuries through the years have left me with blindingly painful compressed disks in my neck, shoulder blade area and low back. About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back and joints; two years later with bursitis in my hip. My head to toe muscle pain was diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

I have spent fortunes on doctors, medical tests and physical therapy. Even more complications set in from the anti-depressants the doctors gave me in an effort to control the deep depression I fell into. The pain was constant, only partially relieved by an assortment of Lidoderm patches, day and night muscle relaxing drugs, shots in my neck and back, Vioxx, Celebrex, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Amerge for the migraines, as well as a decade of trying literally dozens of herbal remedies, juices, etc.

My physical activity was very limited. Even doing routine housework or light lifting put me down for two days at a time with awful pain. I even had great difficulty sleeping because of pain.

The day I began drinking the Acai Blend some 7 weeks ago, I stopped ALL the pain medications and muscle relaxers. By the third day, I found myself RUNNING up stairs instead of carefully trudging them. Now, I can do ANYTHING I want to do! I can lift my arms above my head. I can bend over and touch the floor. I am sleeping well and feel great when I waken. I can vacuum floors and mop the kitchen without any ill effects. I can even move the furniture around!

In the past when I got hungry, my blood sugar levels dropped so low that I turned extremely grouchy. That no longer happens, which is making my husband very happy! I have my LIFE back, and I am enjoying it to the fullest!

Joy M.

After living a very active lifestyle for many years, I found myself suddenly having problems 3 years ago, about when I turned 60. In both feet, I developed something called plantar faciitis. My doctor said it was caused by tears or inflammation in the long, flat ligament that goes from heel to toe. Whatever the cause, it was extremely painful, and then led to bone spurs on both heels. Even with prescription medication with Tylenol in between, it hurt so badly I couldn't even stand at the sink and peel 4 potatoes. There was no relief even in bed--when lying down the pain changed and felt like someone was driving an ice pick into my heels. Along with this I began suffering with what felt like sciatic nerve pain from low back to foot.

Then, apparently from raking too many leaves, I ended up with a "frozen" right shoulder, and even with a cortisone shot, still had pain and only limited use of that arm. As if adding insult to injury, the same thing happened to my left shoulder, so I lived in constant pain and hadn't had a good night's sleep in three solid years. Until I began drinking the Acai Blend tonic from the Amazon.

I took just one ounce, twice daily, and by the end of the SECOND day, the pain was essentially gone. EVERYWHERE. I positively could not believe it. This is now Day 21, and I haven't felt this good in many years!

Lynda K.


"It is really life in a bottle... It has single-handedly transformed the health of so many of my patients."
Dr. Pennington on FOX news

audio clip:


Dr. Andrea Pennington, M.D.
Integrative Medicine Physician, acupuncturist, author, speaker, contributing guest on The Oprah Show, CBS, FOX News, The Today Show, Discovery Health Channel and many publications.



When I first started taking The Acai Blend I was exhausted; I hadnít slept more then 30 minutes at a time since my son was born. My son was 6 months old and already crawling. I knew that something needed to change so that I could be the parent that I wanted to be. That is when I heard of The Acai Blend. Within 3 days of taken it I noticed a HUGE increase in energy and clarity of mind. I could get down on the floor and play with my son instead of lying on the couch watching him. It was amazing. The increase in energy and mental sharpness made me fill alive again. I felt great. My metabolism which was always been Ė lets just say sluggish Ė greatly improved. I notice that I was no longer bloated after a meal and I started to lose weight. In 4 months on the juice, I lost 32 pounds. I have been on The Acai Blend for 9 months now and I would never think of going back. Thanks Acai Blend.

Julie C.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have been a practicing cardiologist for the past 12 years.  I am also actively involved in clinical research for a number of international pharmaceutical companies.  Through my research, I have become a firm believer in natural therapies and antioxidants.  Recently, I have relied heavily upon non-invasive care for my patients.  The acai fruit has made this type of health care possible.

I have an 84-year-old patient with severe bilateral joint and lower back pain, who was unable to walk without a cane.  With acai, this patient has experienced a decrease in pain and noticed more ease with bending and standing.  The patient is walking well without the cane.

I have seen overpowering positive results throughut all age groups with the use of acai juice.  Some of these benefits include:

-         A gradual reduction in soreness and joint pain

-       Additional flexible throughout the body

-        A sense of relaxation, peace and well being

-       Ease of use and a satisfying taste, unlike pills or other elixirs

-     Research and lab tests confirming a decline of inflammation

I am impressed by the overwhelming positive outcomes I am seeing with patients in my practice that use acai.  The sound scientific backing, the personal testimonies of thousands and the delicious taste make acai a favored choice as non-invasive therapy.

Dr. Jose Vazquez Tanus, M.D.

For the past 25 years, I've owned and operated my own goldsmithing and jewelry design business, using my right arm to make a living. Two years ago, I fell at a theater and severely dislocated my right elbow. The pain was excruciating for quite some time, then gradually improved. However, my arm continued to bother me while I worked, and if I rolled on my right side at night, the pain was enough to waken me. I began feeling somewhat discouraged at thinking my arm would never fully heal and I'd have to live with it that way the rest of my life. Then I began drinking Acai Blend, 2 oz, twice a day.

By the end of the second day, the pain was totally gone. I was finally able to enjoy a full night's sleep, every night! When I ran out of this amazing tonic and went for a week without it, the pain began returning again. It's now part of my permanent regimen! I have more energy than before, and my skin is much more radiant--you gotta love it! I feel calmer and more focused, and have noticed that my 10-year-old son (on the Acai Blend) is also. Our family dynamic is more loving and positive, and his performance in and out of school has improved. At a recent Mother's Day celebration of friends, he gladly poured our gift of Acai tonic and told his story about not having so many leg cramps. He dances jazz with the National Dance Institute and has noticed he doesn't get so tired after the long hours of practice. At one point, I feared he would quit. After being on the tonic for a month and a half, when he danced 7 performances over 3 days, I asked if he was tired after the final show. He replied that he was just warming up!



Two years ago I discovered that I had a problem with my cholesterol level and my physician advised to me to really work on it or be on medication. The nature of my profession and social life puts me in the path of food rich in cholesterol. My love for food and cholesterol level had been a concern as I am aware that it May lead to many health challenges.

I was introduced to the Acai Blend in May and I started taking it for aches and pains as well as a boost in energy levels. The Acai Blend helped me in the area of my little right pinkie finger as I experience excruciating pain when I pull the laundry out of the basket and after several months on the products, the pain is completely gone.

Coming back to the Cholesterol challenge, one of my friend who I introduced the product to by the name of Jerry was also taking the Acai Blend regularly and one day he came to me very excited as he found out that his Cholesterol level dropped to acceptable levels.

One of the reason why I have been putting off to have my complete medical examination is to avoid finding out that I still have high cholesterol. I eventuallly made it to the examination and had a thorough check-up and was estatic to discover that my Cholesterol level dropped from 6.9 to 4.3 without changing my diet / eating habit.

Thank you Acai Blend for my allowing me to be healthy without changing my diet / eating habit.

Wen W.
Financial Advisor
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada


More than a year ago, I was misdiagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis--and for the next six months was prescribed an assortment of potent RA drugs. I was often in so much pain that I required assistance to simply rise and sit on the edge of the bed. It was then discovered that the problem was not RA but a type of cancer that damages joints and ligaments and causes a great deal of pain and inflammation. Radiation commenced, and I was unable to return to work for 8 weeks because of the severity of the side effects.

Some three months ago, my husband brought home the Acai  Blend juice--urging me to begin drinking it. I stubbornly refused and for almost two weeks poured it down the drain when he wasn't looking. By the third week, the painful swelling of the fingers on my right hand was extreme and the joints were starting to turn sideways. My middle finger had become a "sausage finger" and could not even bend. In my desperation, I decided to try the juice and began with one ounce twice a day.

Only a week later I was pointing at my husband during a conversation when he suddenly said, "Look! Look at your hands!" To my amazement the fingers were no longer swollen, and I could readily move them all. I quickly reasoned that doubling the quantity would be wise. In less than a month, I was totally free of pain and for the first time in more than a year, I was getting out of bed in the morning with no stiffness and no misery. When I went through a secondary round of radiationóI was back at work within a week, amazed at how much better my body fared this time.

Diana H.


My son, Michael, is 12 years old. Three years ago, he was diagnosed with arthritis. Michael has had been suffering constantly with pain and low energy for years and he never looked well. It brought me great pain and sadness to watch what he had to go through. Michael was taking ONDANSTETRON, METHOTREXATE (pill and injectable liquid) and APO-NAPROXEN. While I appreciate all the doctors and specialists tried to do for Michael, the medications had side effects and he would often feel very sick, sometimes vomiting. The IV injections would last for four-five hours which was really uncomfortable for a 12-year-old boy. It was very painful for me as a mother to watch my son in constant pain, looking pale, unhappy and unable to go out and play with his peers. I really didn't know what kind of life was in his future...

Thanks to God! One day in May, my mom came to the house with a bottle of "wine" (the Acai Blend). She told me she bought it for Michael because somebody said it can help with arthritis pain. Honestly, I didn't pay too much attention to it. My son had the best specialist in town and he was taking the most advanced medications for years, yet nothing happened. How can I trust a wine-like juice? I thought, ďThereís nothing to lose in trying it, because it's just fruit juice."

A miracle happened! One week later, Michael told me his joints were not as stiff and he had less pain. I had not seen the rosy colour on Michael face since he was eight years old. Our family was so happy! After the first bottle was finished, we continued with another bottle and I definitely could see the improvement. Before taking the Acai blend, I had to help him put his clothes on and he wasn't able to raise his arms or go up stairs without assistance. Now he can do this all by himself. He has more energy and his appetite has improved. After almost three months on the product, Michael can now do the crossbar from one end to the other! This is something he's never even tried to do before.

I really appreciate this excellent product! You guys have given me hope that now and in the future Michael will live a normal life and be just like the other boys. I cannot express how grateful and how happy I am! I look forward to seeing you continue to produce more fine products with the same excellence. I would like to share my son's story!

Margaret K
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


I drank 3 bottles of Acai  juice for over a month. The following is what I have experienced.

1.       I have had a lump on my thumb for the past 2 years the size of a chestnut . The lump breaks all the time and it is very painful and uncomfortable. I had 3 surgeries on it and it kept coming back. Now it is completely gone !

2.    I also had very dry and itching skin, especially on my lower back. When the itching comes, there is nothing I can do to stop it. I used to take the highest dosage of cortisone however it did not work. Both my family physician as well as my specialist told me it was not cancer and they could not help me with it. Now, I don't have anymore itch for the past 2 weeks. Usually, the itching affects me 2 to 5 times a day. This is truly a Blessing!

3.      This May sound embarrassing, but I would like to share my story with the world. Maybe somebody reading this can get some help from my experience. I am 73 years old and have been suffering from Hemorrhoid for years. Every time after bowel movements, a half sized lump will come out (sometimes with blood). It is not only embarrassing, but also a torture. Now, I just don't understand what happened. Since a week ago, it disappeared! My bowel movements are no longer uncomfortable!

4.       My lower back pain has also been reduced significantly. These are the main reasons why I purchase the product. If there is a scale to measure the improvement, I can say it is 70% better. Lastly, I am not as tired like before! This all happened after I took Acai  Blend. I didn't change anything, like my eating habit, my medication or my exercise regime.

I firmly believe it is because of the Acai juice! Thank you, Kim,you are my Angel!

Seven Y.
Retired President of Korean Cultural Association
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 73

As a practicing dermatologists, I am asked to try new products all the time and must be cautious as to the products I endorse without compromising my credibility.  I was introduced to the acai berry fruit juice and would like to share my experience with this excellent preparation.

Five months ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee.  I was told that there was cartilage and bone damage and the results of the procedure might be less than desired.  Not only was I in more pain than prior to the surgery, but I now had three golf-ball sized swellings at the surgical sites that were very unsightly.  I did not miss a session of rehab because I truly wanted my knee to feel better.  There was some strengthening of the knee, but the pain and swelling persisted.  A friend handed me a bottle of the acai berry fruit drink and told me to try it.  I really did not think it was going to help.

I drank the juice twice daily as recommended , and within three days I noticed that I was sleeping like a baby, something I had not done in years.  Over the course of three weeks, I began to notice the pain eased dramatically in my left knee and the three swellings were almost gone.  I had done nothing different with my regimen but drink the acai berry fruit juice.  I cannon list all of the benefits that I feel I have personally derived from this juice, but I do know that I wholeheartedly encourage my family, friends and patients to enjoy it.

Dr. M. Hecker

I was introduced to the Acai Blend in early May. After taking the fruit juice for 1 week and 2 days, I experienced these beneficial results to my well being:

1. Not so sleepy anymore 2. Body feels lighter 3. Can concentrate better at work 4. Better endurance at work

Thanks to the Acai Blend I am now able to do continuous long hours of duty without much stress and strain. Besides the Acai Blend tastes great!

Security Officer
Age: 21


Thursday afternoon, I played soccer with my sports group. Without fully warm up, I played for 1 hour. After that, I felt my knees were hurting. Next day morning, I nearly couldnít get up from bed. But, I had to go to my works. Honestly, that time even just changing gears when driving was a painful experience. Evening, my friend James let me take the drink, since it is so tasty, I drank more than 1/3 of a bottle. Next day, I felt the pain was at least 30% better; I could walk!!! I continued to drink. To tell you the truth, I really like the taste and more amazed by the results. Monday night, I went to practice again. As a professional coach on track and field for 20 years and aged at 49, I knew it usually took 2-3 weeks to recover. But, thanks to the product, it only took me 5 days!

After that, I continued to take it; I felt my joints much flexible and stronger, especially for knee joints. I highly recommend all sports people should take these wonderful products!

Lech D.
Professional Sports Coach
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 49


I am a contractor. Works usually are physical. I have taken the drink for 3 weeks. I feel more energetic. This May be due to the fact that I now sleep straight through the night rather than waking up almost every hour. It is so great to feel so refreshed with so much energy in the morning!

My son now takes it too. He is a 12 year old, soccer player in school. He felt more energy and endurance in the game. He also feels it is easier to focus. He likes the taste!

Waldemar K.
Independant Contractor
New Westminster, BC, Canada
Age: 40


The drink was given to me as a gift so I did try it and being in my eighties and suffering from osteoarthritis for many years, I really didn't think this juice could do much for me. First after about three weeks I noticed my blocked urinary tract had been healed and I no longer suffered from this complaint. A total relief!

I am more energetic although, still suffer with pain but arm moving more freely. I realize it will take time for joints to heal, but will continue to take it as it does help and is not a chemical. Hats off for discovering this product. We need more natural healing products. I will continue to endorse this product.

Jean Manson
Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 82


When I first heard of the acai blend I was skeptical due to the fact so many companies are laying claims about their amazing abilities to help ease pain etc. First it gave me a bowel cleansing. Then came more energy - I did increase my intake of product to 3-4 oz. daily.

Although joints still make a cracking noise they no longer cause me to suffer pain as they once did. I am thrilled with product and will continue to use it. Taste is delicious and benefits out weigh costs.

Carol Manson
New Westminster, BC, Canada


I have been on the product for over three weeks. I had been suffering from extreme fatigue due to my MS for almost a year. As excited as I was about opportunities coming my way, it was hard to expend the energy necessary to get things done. Finally, I am accomplishing things that I wanted to achieve, but couldn't due to my inabilities. I had moved into a two story home last summer, and started to feel the stairs were becoming a problem, as well. Funny thing, until I started writing this, I didn't even remember that.

Jocelyn Greenwood
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


I have been using the product for approximately 2 months and can certainly testify to the fact that my arthritis pains have decreased tremendously. Your representative knew of my complaints with joint soreness and tenderness and told me about your wonderful product. I started using it and it has made a believer out of me! I am also enjoying the benefit of more energy, which is great and always welcomed for a 66 year old!. A natural remedy is much more appealing to me than chemical treatments that May have long-term affects or damage other organs. I am so convinced of its benefits that my wife has decided to be a daily user of the product as well. Thank you for contributing to healthier living!

Freemon T.
Age: 66


In addition to the increased energy, soundness of sleep and the improvement with mental clarity and focus, it was amazing to me to see something I would not know was happening, if it had not been for my dry cuticles. A couple of years ago, I was at a highly respected health and healing facility and I asked them about my continuous dry, cracked cuticles. I was told that it was a sign of a sluggish liver. There is no way that I would know that my liver was actually functioning better except that with in three days, I noticed the difference in my hands and the smoothness of my cuticles.

Susan H.
Naperville, Illinois


I am a 56 year old former nurse who has suffered from serious, chronic low back pain and sciatica since I was 29. I was introduced to the acai juice blend only recently and have had amazing results.

I was on Morphine injections (30 mgs, 5 a day) and oxycontin (40 mgs, 3 a day). I noticed within a week that my pain level had reduced by 80%, and I was using hardly any Morphine and had reduced the oxycontin to only 1 a day. I felt much better in myself, and the depression was lifting. I was also sleeping like a baby.

I was only getting one bottle at a time and after the 3rd bottle, ran out and found myself without any juice. My pain level within 2 days was back to normal--about an 8 on the scale of ten. I was climbing the walls. I rang Michael, and he sent me 2 bottles straight away by express courier.

I took 60 mls (2 oz) and lay down. Within the space of 2 hours, my pain had reduced by 80%. I took another 60 mls and within another hour, I was pain free. Needless to say, I now have ensured a constant supply.

Susan A.
Melbourne Australia


I've been a hairdresser for 39 years and am also raising grandchildren. I've always been an advocate of herbs and natural products, but in spite of this have lived with severe back pain for the past 9 years because of scoliosis and disc deterioration. Five years ago, the doctors recommended surgery, predicting I would soon be begging for it. Truthfully, I was becoming frantic, wondering if I would have to live forever in such misery. I even ended up on Lexapro, an expensive anti-depressant, as well as Ambian in order to sleep.

I also tried 4 bottles of mangosteen juice and got only minor relief. After just two weeks of drinking the Acai Blend, 2 oz. twice daily for the first bottle, then half that amount, I was amazed to find myself pain-free! Not only that, my mood and attitude are ten times better, my skin is looking much more youthful, and I feel like I'm 25 years younger! I have discontinued most of my medications and am down to half doses of a few others. But wait until you hear what this Acai tonic has done for my grandkids!

Hannah is 10 and two years ago was diagnosed with Epstein Barr after having been unwell for a long time. She was often ragingly sick, thin, frail, moody, not growing much and missed a great deal of school. She also had developed a painful lump under one arm. The x-rays showed nothing. The doctor put Hannah on two powerful antibiotics, neither helped. The doctor admitted she had no idea what to try next. I began giving Hannah an ounce a day of the same Amazon juice that had helped me so much, and when the antibiotics failed to work, I tripled her daily quantity. Within 7 days, the lump was entirely gone! The doctor was floored. I then scaled Hannah back to just an ounce a day. She is now an active and lively girl, gaining weight, growing and very active in sports. Her whole life has been transformed!

Hannah's cousin Molly just turned 17, and she too had been diagnosed with Epstein Barr two years ago. Actually, she had been sickly since age 12, extremely tired and with constant throat infections. By age 15, she was so ill she had to do homebound schooling, and even then was held back a year because she simply couldn't complete the work. Her spirits were further damaged by breaking out with very bad acne across her entire forehead and moving across the back of her shoulders.

Again, I turned to the Acai tonic. After just one bottle, the acne was almost gone. She's now on her second bottle, has no more mood swings, is back in school and has plenty of energy. Her nails are growing, her hair is becoming lustrous. The teachers and her friends are all raving about how Molly is looking and acting. Her grades are up, and she made the honor roll for the first time in years.

Hannah's brother Jerod is 14, and he has suffered from chronic ear infections his entire life. Tests for allergies came back negative. The doctors didn't know what was causing the problems or how to make Jerod well. He was tired all the time, very moody and with skin that was easily irritated. Two years ago, acne hit him, and for the past year, it has been severe, covering his entire face and the upper part of his back. We tried all the remedies we saw on television--nothing helped. And last year, he had to sit out half his baseball season because of tendonitis in his arm. Jerod began drinking the Amazon tonic about two months ago, and his life too has changed dramatically. Heís had NO ear infections since starting. The acne has almost totally disappeared. He has no more tendonitis problems. He has plenty of energy, and for the first time in his life gives every indication of being in excellent health. His teachers have remarked about a positive change in attitude, and his grades are up. The Acai tonic is now a permanent part of our lives!

Carol F.


My husband and I were introduced to the "Acai Blend" a few months ago and both of us have seen incredible result from it. We are both sleeping better, he doesn't have any joint pain and I have lower anxiety. We just have had an all around good experience with this product.

But what really peaked my curiosity is that the "regular blend" was alright for children to take. At fist I thought my picky children would not touch the stuff but the LOVED it. Now they drink it everyday and they remind us if they haven't taken it. The best thing that we have seen is that their allergies have significantly reduced. My oldest son used to walk around clearing his throat constantly and he no longer does that. He also is extremely allergic to dogs and would break out in hives from the top of his head to the the tip of his toes. It was so bad. Well a few weeks ago he went to a friends house and forgot that the dog had been riding in the car. I thought that he would have a full blown attack but all he had was a tiny patch of hives on his neck and that was it. I immediately gave him his dose of the "regular blend" and within 30 minutes he did not have any more hives. Our other children have only mild seasonal allergies but they haven't complained once since on this blend. They are also showing more focus and concentration and our 1 year old is sleeping soundly at night and not waking up 3 to 4 times.

This product is a true blessing and we thank God everyday that we get to share it with our friends!

Christy N.

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis, and this past year my mobility became very limited. The pain had become so severe that some days I could not lift a stapler, my handbag or even a glass of water. I had to quit a job that required standing up. By the time I left the building after work, I would collapse in my car in tears because of excruciating hip pain.

My doctor then ordered NO work for me requiring anything except sitting. Even then, after as little as 15 minutes, I could barely lift myself from a chair, and the hip pain made walking extremely difficult as well as embarrassing. I felt as though I were living in a dark cave and lost hope.

The Acai Blend is the first product EVER that has totally amazed me--and I have tried almost everything. Before I had finished the first bottle, my pain was totally gone in those joints that had been so bad. My spirits are tremendously lifted, and I feel I can finally live a normal lifestyle.

Having this juice is now as important to me as having water to drink! I am not kidding. I thank everyone who has played a part in developing this product for me and the many people in the world who will benefit.

Patricia A.

Arthritis seems to run in my family, and I began having stiffness and pain in my joints when I was in my late 30's. I'm 61 now, and for the past few years the pain has been constant and worsening in my low back and hips. My stomach is too sensitive for most prescription drugs, so on the worst days, I usually took Ibuprofen and basically learned to live with hurting all the time.

The back pain wakened me repeatedly at night and made it very hard to get moving in the mornings. My son persuaded me to try the Acai Blend juice, even though I didn't believe for a moment it could possibly help. Following directions, I drank 1 oz. twice a day, and to my amazement, the low back pain was simply GONE after just 5 days. By the time I'd finished one bottle, the hip pain was gone as well.

Aside from the joy of not being in constant pain, I find a have a great deal more energy and a wonderful feeling of well being. I stay awake and alert much longer than before, and I find myself doing many things I simply couldn't have done previously. And I'm sleeping far better than I have in years.

Janet K.

My grandmother is 74 years old, and for the past 10 years has had constant pain in her back, knees, hips and hands from rheumatoid arthritis. For three years now, she has been using a wheel chair because the pain had grown too bad for her to stand or walk. Her fingers are bent, and any hand movement at all caused intense pain. Two months ago, Grandma quit taking all prescription medications because they were making her sick. She was using only Ibuprofen for the pain, and it wasn't helping much.

I'm very close to my grandmother and it has broken my heart to see her in such pain and in deep depression, having lost all hope of ever having a life again. She used to be very active, owned her own business, enjoyed gardening and had many loving children and grandchildren. And we felt we'd lost HER as well--she rarely left the house for anything, even family activities.

Yesterday, I took a bottle of Acai Blend to my grandmother, poured 2 oz. into a glass and begged her to drink it. At first she refused, saying that nothing she had ever tried did any good. I continued pleading, and finally she agreed. Then we just sat together and talked, and no more than ONE hour later, Grandma suddenly began to brighten.

She said she didn't understand why, but she was feeling better and the pain seemed to be going away. Then she began moving her hands, experimenting with them. We were both stunned as she began moving her thumbs around in circles -- something she had not been able to do in many years.

As she moved her hands and fingers more, her entire face lit up. She was in total disbelief that she was actually doing this and HAD NO PAIN. After years of darkness, she suddenly had HOPE again.

Had I not sat right there and witnessed this myself, I couldn't have believed it. I went home and cried tears of joy. An entire family now has their mother and grandmother back. When I called her this morning, she said she wanted to order more of the juice, and we began making plans for planting some flowers in her garden--together. The life she thought was over is now hers again. You can't possibly know how grateful I am for this amazing product.

Cassie A.

I'm a woman of 70 who was told by my doctor three years ago that the extreme pain in my right hip was caused by bursitis. The x-rays showed that joint was also bone-on-bone, and the doctor recommended hip replacement. I don't like to take prescription drugs, so I more or less toughed it out with over-the-counter pain medications and lying on the couch with ice packs a great deal of each day. My husband had to take over running the vacuum sweeper--even that was more than I could handle. I slept poorly, because any time I moved or turned, the sharp pain wakened me.

About 11 weeks ago, I began drinking the Acai Blend juice, 2 oz, twice a day. By the end of just one month on this delicious tonic, I found myself essentially pain free. I have endless energy now, am running my own sweeper again and scarcely spend ANY time on the couch. My husband is 77, and when he saw what this juice was doing for me, he started drinking it also. He no longer needs an afternoon nap before bowling with his league, and he's bowling a 185 average. This summer, we're taking a trip to Hawaii, which will be the 50th state we have visited! No way are we ever going to stop drinking our Acai Blend juice!

Harriet S.

I have to tell you the wonderful results I am getting already with the Acai Blend. I was diagnosed with childhood arthritis over 45 years ago, and have suffered with joint pains, had replacement hips, and have now very badly degenerative damage in my feet, ankles and knees. They are always swollen and unsightly, as well as making it very painful to walk. I experience tremendous pain doing any physical activity, so have ceased doing any sports for over 20 years, including walking, and because of the unsightly swelling and red and black welts on the lower leg and ankles, I have continually worn trousers for years.

I started taking the Acai Blend on Wednesday, midday, and within TWO hours, the swelling in my feet and ankles had disappeared. Still a little tender, but no swelling. By Friday I was experiencing no pain even when walking. No pain in the shin or knee either. I am totally amazed. I have taken no other pain medication since last Wednesday.

Within one week I have experienced what to me is a miracle. I do not remember ever feeling so pain-free. For years I have taken medication, which at times has relieved pain and swelling, but never anything like this. I will never be without my Acai tonic. Life begins, at last!

Margaret B.

I'm 74 years old, 205 lbs. I have severe osteo arthritis in my neck and shoulders, and the resulting pain has been so severe that I was having to lie down for 5-10 minutes every time I showered. Shortly after I began drinking Acai Blend a few weeks ago, this pain suddenly was gone.

The arthritis is also in my knees, and they too have been greatly relieved. About 10 days ago, I was running very low on the juice so stopped using it for a day and a half. The next morning, my knees could not carry my body weight--they were like jelly, and I had to spend most of the day in bed.

I had enough Acai Blend left for two 2 oz. servings, so I took one at 6:30 PM, then went back to bed for two hours, then got up to take the final serving. I could not believe the difference--my knees were good as gold but still a little wobbly. When I got up out of bed the next morning, everything was back to normal. My next order of Acai Blend then arrived, so my supply was replenished just in time!

Graham T.

I retired just over 7 years ago because of health problems. I was thinking that things would get better without the stress but they did not. I was put on more drugs then I could count on my hands.  The pains in my back, shoulders, legs, butt,etc. just got worse as the years went by. It was getting very depressing not being able to sit,walk, sleep even petting my dog was hurting me more and more everyday. Taking narcotic pain killers was not the answer to happeness! About 6 weeks ago I was introduced to Acai Juice and have taken 4 oz. per day and things are really looking up relatively little pain and NO NARCOTICS! I am looking forward to living again.

Ray M.


I am a 69 year old woman who still works 40 hours a week. When my daughter got involved with this 19-fruit juice blend containing the Acai berry I was very skeptical. After attending a conference I decided I had nothing to lose by trying this juice blend. Within a few days I began to notice the pain in my thumbs was diminishing. After a week I could raise my arms above my head without pain. I am happy to say I no longer take any pain medication for my osteoarthritis and I can't live without this wonder juice.

Arlene S.


I am 63 years young and about 5 years ago, started taking nutritional supplements. I had exercised regularly for three decades to stay in shape. For many years I ran, then in more recent years scaled down to power walking four or five miles daily. To help with arthritis and back pain and with my #4 and #5 discs bulging, I began taking 3000 mg. daily of pure glucosamine capsules with my morning shake.

All this helped, but the pain persisted, and I was forced to restrict my physical activity, even my walking ... until I began adding the Acai Blend to my regimen, 2 oz, twice a day. <b>Within 7 days, the nagging pain that had been increasing for years was reduced by 95%.

It is obvious to me (coming from an entire family of doctors and having worked as a medical assistant for 19 years) that the [nutrients] and glucosamine in liquid form are better absorbed by my body. Just last week I went away for a few days and missed drinking 3 doses of the juice ... and I could feel a little pain starting to come back. Iím now scaling UP my physical activity again and no longer have any problems doing housework or bending over the dishwasher. Iím feeling GREAT again!



I am an amputee of 29 years, and have had serious shoulder problems plus lower back pain and a knee that had become extremely stiff--from overworking these parts of my body through the years. Although I used crutches all the time, in May 2002, I fell hard and tore my rotator cuff full depth in 2 places, rendering my right shoulder almost useless. I could not lift my right arm higher than my shoulder and had developed severe tennis elbow as a result of all the pressure I was putting on my arms.

Surgery was an option with very little in the way of a good prognosis, and so I settled into life as a wheelchair user. Phantom pain has always plagued me--a series of electric shock type pain every 30-60 seconds, sometimes lasting for 2-3 days at a time.

Despite many futile efforts to find relief, I could not stop singing out from the pain when it occurred. It rendered me unable to lie down, sit or stand. No position was comfortable, and heavy use of pain killers only dulled the edge while severely disrupting my mental alertness, making it hard for me to be attentive at work.

May 28 this year I started drinking the Acai Blend, 2 ounces morning and night. Initial responses to the drink were a calmness that enabled me to cope better with everyday life plus a renewal of energy levels I had not felt in years. My lower back and shoulder pain were greatly minimized, and the dreaded phantom pains had subdued to barely a dull ache.

Then, in mid May while skimming the pool, I lifted the skimmer over my head to set it down behind me. Mid way through the lift, I realized I could not do that because my right shoulder would not lift that high, so I repeated the move.

Further to that, I now have greater ease of movement when using my walker, and because my knee is much more flexible, I am able to use it more and more. I have also lost 12 pounds--because I am not only more active but craving better foods. Our eating habits have changed for the better--no more desire to eat greasy foods such as fried chicken!

Wendy H.


I am a 56 year old former nurse who has suffered from serious, chronic low back pain and sciatica since I was 29. I was on morphine injections (30 mgs, 5 a day) and oxycontin (40 mgs, 3 a day). I was introduced to the Acai Blend only recently and have had amazing results. I noticed within a week that my pain level had reduced by 80%, and I was using hardly any morphine and had reduced the oxycontin to just 1 a day. I felt much better in myself, and the depression was lifting. I was also sleeping like a baby.

After the 3rd bottle, I ran out of this amazing juice from the Amazon. My pain level within
2 days was back to normal--about an 8 on the scale of ten. I was climbing the walls. I rang Michael, and he sent me 2 bottles straight away by express courier. I took 60 mls (2 oz) and lay down. Within the space of 2 hours, my pain had reduced by 80%. I took another 60 mls and within another hour, I was pain free. Needless to say, I now have ensured a constant supply. This Amazon fruit juice has indeed changed my life.

Susan A.


Trying to prove it was a scam, I am a failure.

My commercial real estate partner came to me claiming this acai berry juice was the best thing since sliced bread and soft butter.  I held my tongue, but decided that if he was that excited I had better get a membership.  I went on a two month trial to prove this was a scam and as I said, I failed.

Triglycerides 370 to 131
Cholesterol 321 to 159
LDL 204 to 79
HDL 43 to 44

Gone are my night sweats and leg cramps from the Crestor this time, and the Lipitor and Letia before, plus the liver damage these have a tendency to create.  My doctor is now using the acai berry complex as her recommendation for those having trouble with statin drugs.

Tom B.


Having just turned forty in May, I am happy to report I have been back to bowling and lifting weights. Three years ago, I had to give up these two activities due to bad knees and lower back pain. In fact, the pain was so severe, I would collapse while bowling with my knees popping and cracking.

While working at my current job that requires a lot of heavy lifting and difficult physical labor, I collapsed again--with a popping sensation in my lower back. Rushed by ambulance to the hospital with my left side numb, it was later determined that my collapsing was due to inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

Since starting the Acai Blend, 2 oz. in the morning and evening, within 3-4 days, I could see an improvement with mobility. By the third week, I dropped down to 1 oz. of the Original twice daily because of greatly lessened pain of my knees and lower back.

I switched to Acai Blend at the end of the first month, taking 1 oz. in the morning and evening. This formula provides me with additional energy, and I am able to get a lot more done. I no longer take Tylenol for my knee pain or Percocet for my lower back pain. I find myself continually amazed while working and participating in other physical activities. I think to myself, "I should be in pain at this point." And I am not because I continue to drink 1 oz. twice daily of the Acai juice!

Izzy R.

Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia some several years ago, I have tried everything humanly possible to stop the pain. Needless to say, nothing worked, UNTIL....acai juice.  This nutritional, health food product packs such a punch through the Acai and other fruits that within 2 short weeks, I could tell a significant difference. No more having to roll out of bed in excruiating pain only to run for the shower where the hot water could limber up my shoulders and arms. Instead, I can literally BOUNCE out of bed and RUN to the fridge for my daily morning acai juice.  The product is so "GREAT"....It's ACAI JUICE for LIFE for me and my family!

Lois D.

I have had Fibromyalgia for 20 years and had taken so many types of medications to help with the pain and the sleeping. With Fibro we found that if you can't get the deep sleep you need the pain and inflammation worsens. Muscle pain can move from place to place or muscle to muscle with this disease and this drink has helped my sleep more than any pill I have ever taken. My fibromyalgia is 75% better and my sleep is 100% better there is nothing on the market that has ever done that for me before. This is fantastic.

Nancy B.

I was having severe pain in my knees, it was hard to walk without limping. A friend gave me a bottle of the Acai  blend and after the first bottle, the pain was gone from my left knee.  I continued to take the Acai blend and the pain in my right knee was also gone after the third bottle.

My Dad had been through colon cancer surgery and had recovered from that when the doctors discovered that it had gone to his lungs and his stomach. They gave him one alternative and that was chemotherapy. When they gave him the first treatment, he had a bad reaction and had to spend two weeks in the hospital after that. After he recovered from the chemo, the doctors said, that, that is all they could do, and sent my Dad home to die.

My Dad was at home in his room, had no energy, no appetite, was loosing weight and seemed to be going down hill pretty fast. I started him on the Acai Blend and within one month he was starting to get his energy back. He was eating more and was even thinking about driving again.

Today, after being on the Acai Blend for over 6 months, my 84 year old Dad, has more energy than he has had in many years. He drives where he wants to go, he says he feels fine. Recent X-rays show the lung cancer is decreasing and the stomach cancer is not growing.

The Acai Blend has extended my Dad's life and given him a much better quality of life than I ever expected it to do.

Ron P.

Prior to 1983, I often played tennis and racquetball and was very athletic. Then a piece of equipment fell on me at work, leaving me with 3 herniated discs and a sprained back with extreme pain. My active life suddenly became one of mostly lying in bed with heating pads and multiple medications for the unbearable pain and later the depression that set in. I developed carpal tunnel pain in both wrists; my knees deteriorated to a bone-on-bone condition; my back and fingers were hit with osteoarthritis.

Along with all this, I began suffering with TMJ, gritting of my teeth and an earache that once lasted for 6 months without relief. I was taking 2 Nexium a day to control severe acid reflux. I took a bad fall in 2004 and ended up with 5 additional herniated discs. Migraines typically hit me once or twice a month, and then menopausal night sweats began, forcing me to change my bedclothes as often as 3-4 times a night. I was also afflicted with rosacea, for which my doctor had no cure. Making things even worse, I had a viral infection in my body that made me develop small, wart-like eruptions that itched furiously, all over my legs. My doctor said there was nothing that could be done about this.

In order to survive the pain, I was on 11 heavy-duty pain pills a day plus other medications, costing from $350-$475 a month. I had become a zombie on all the drugs, yet was still in terrible pain. My husband had to assume most of shopping and the housework.

Then 3 months ago, I began drinking the Acai Blend, 2 oz a day, stopping all but one pain medication at that time. Ten days later, I wakened in the morning and excitedly told my husband I felt NO pain at all. I'm losing weight that I gained while bedridden. I feel like I could start playing tennis again--but am bringing my activity level up gradually, just to be cautious. My back and knees feel great. I currently only feel slight pain if I turn my body in the wrong way. I have no carpal tunnel pain, no migraines, no more acid reflux. The night sweats now happen only about one time a week and are much less severe. My depression is gone, and I am OFF 90% of the medications. The rosacea is GONE! And so are the wart-like eruptions!

Recently, everyone around me came down with a very bad flu, and I didn't catch it! I am again walking, standing, cleaning my house and shopping with ease. I can also work for hours at my computer, and this was totally impossible just a few months ago. Basically, I have a LIFE again, and I am tremendously grateful for this juice from the Amazon.

Cathy R.


I was the "walking wounded" before the Acai Blend came along. My left knee has been bone on bone with almost all the cartilage gone since the mid '80's following surgery for a softball injury. Then two years ago, I injured my right knee and badly tore the meniscus. After more surgery, I ended up partially bone on bone in that knee also. My walking was more of a duck waddle, and my physical activity has been severely limited. The doctor said I was a candidate for having both knees replaced.

I also had a bad shoulder, probably arthritis or other damage, and could lift my arm only about as high as my ear. Even with the anti-inflammatory and prescription pain drugs, I often had to take up to 2,000 mg. a day of Tylenol, just to be able to live with the pain. I could barely function and was getting progressively worse. I couldn't walk more than 5-10 minutes at a time. I felt exhausted most of the time. I could actually feel a difference after just one day of drinking the Acai Blend juice-- one ounce, twice a day is my regimen. Within two weeks, I was essentially pain-free and off ALL medications for the first time in 20 years. And I'd gotten back a <u>full range of motion in my shoulder</u>--with no pain at all!

After 3 weeks on this amazing tonic, I spent more than 4 hours working in the yard and then 3-4 hours more on my feet that day with my grandchildren at a historical re-enactment. And no more duck waddle! After 2 months, having not been able to go golfing for at least 2 years, I not only entered a tournament but came home with the FIRST PLACE trophy!

I have a whole lot more energy, and my mental alertness is much better.

Charlie King


For the past two years, Iíve been dealing with severe left knee pain, probably related to athletics and bodybuilding having damaged the cartilage in the past, plus years of working in the carpet cleaning industry. I have used various wraps, most recently an orthopedic brace to limit mobility. The pain was so severe I simply couldnít play basketball with the kids, nor could I carry them on my shoulders. I took glucosamine for a while with no results. I was sleeping very poorly because of the constant pain, even with taking heavy doses of ibuprofen.

The first doctor I saw took x-rays, did an MRI, then recommended surgery. He offered an anti-inflammatory drug, but said not much could be done for the pain because I was essentially bone-on-bone. A second doctor confirmed the basic diagnosis and scheduled a surgical procedure called wedging. In either case, I was cautioned about a 6-8 week recovery before being able to resume working.

In desperation just two weeks ago, I decided to try the Acai  Blend tonic and began with 2 ounces, twice a day. The inflammation went down almost immediately, and by the second day, the pain was GONE--and I havenít taken any ibuprofen since starting the juice. By the third day, I was outside playing basketball with my 8-year-old. I have not had to miss a single day of work, and next week Iíll be starting some easy workouts at the gym. Needless to say, I am totally amazed, have forgotten about the knee brace and have cancelled the surgery!

Bill M.


I'm 57 years old and have always pushed the limits athletically. I stay fit by playing basketball with younger guys, most in their 20's, and we spend around 1-2 hours on the court each time we play. Since beginning to drink the Acai Blend, an ounce twice a day, I've noticed my ankles and knees are not bothering me like they used to, my energy is up, my recovery time is much faster and I seldom need a nap anymore! In the past, if I stopped for a sandwich, I would also need a nap.

Jim C.


More than two years ago, I began experiencing unexplained exhaustion, irritability, severe hormonal changes and mood swings, also heart palpitations and other symptoms that grew progressively worse. By 10 AM in the morning, I was so fatigued I couldn't even get up to care for my children.

I had bouts of extreme anger and found myself punching walls, beating my pillow and even swinging at my husband. I also developed frequent headaches and sudden and severe allergic reactions to dogs, to cold weather and other things. Life became a living nightmare for my entire family, and I knew something was radically wrong with my body.

After repeated doctor visits, I was finally diagnosed 6 months ago with Graves Disease, a form of hyperthyroidism, one of the many "autoimmune" disorders. I was first put on beta blockers, then on a thyroid medication. The medications seemed to make things even worse. I found myself alternately sweating, freezing and with terrible itching of my skin.

My body was shaking so badly, and there was so much pain in my knees and fingers that I had to go on bed rest for two weeks. I couldn't even raise my arm enough to brush my hair--which by then was falling out in chunks. My nails were also breaking off in pieces. My husband had to take time off work to care for the children and even to carry me, sometimes daily, into the doctor's office--often I couldn't even walk.

My regular doctor was trying codeine, anti-inflammatory drugs, even steroids, to no avail. A specialist wanted to use radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid gland. Suspecting the medications were part of the problem, I began getting off them after about 4 weeks.

A short time later, someone introduced me to Acai Blend, and I began drinking one ounce, twice a day. Just two days later, I found myself with enough energy that I no longer needed the morning nap that had been essential for a long time. During my first week with Acai Blend and off the medications, I still had a few, mild episodes of heart palpitations--irregular heartbeat. Since that time, now two months later, there have been NO recurrences.

I have gone through an entire monthly cycle free of the major hormonal changes and mood swings. I feel no more anger or depression. I have no more exhaustion. No more punching walls. My body doesn't shake uncontrollably anymore. My children have their mother back, and my husband declares he has a new wife!

Several days ago, I had a follow-up thyroid visit with my doctor. When I told him I was feeling great, he kept looking at me, then at my chart and appeared bewildered. When I commented that he seemed confused, he said he was trying to figure out what they had done to change things--the last time I'd seen him, I was in very bad shape and in terrible pain.

Sabrina S.


Golfing and singing were the things I most enjoyed in life. In 1991 (14 years ago), I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and slowly the pain and tremors worsened and greatly curtailed my golfing. A wide range of other effects of the disease and/or side effects of the medications made me somewhat depressed, and I just didn't feel like singing anymore. I had severe pain in my back and joints (often resorting to Percoset), and I was scheduled for surgery to treat fragmented discs in my back. I also couldn't sleep without melatonin, and I had to take Citrucel daily to keep my intestinal tract working.

Then a close friend introduced me to the Acai Blend, and I felt almost immediate relief in my joints and back. It is now 9 weeks later, and I am essentially free of pain. The tremors are much reduced. I also no longer need to take the melatonin to sleep, and I no longer need the Citrucel. My energy level is much improved. Even more exciting, I am playing golf as often as I wish, and I am SINGING again--because I FEEL like singing!

I saw my doctor yesterday, and he was puzzled at the reversal or reduction of many of my symptoms. He then reduced by 1/3 the three Parkinson's-control medications I've been taking--Stalevo, Sinemet and Mirapex.

Several of my friends who have begun drinking the Acai Blend have also experienced remarkable results within a short period of time. This is truly an amazing tonic!

Miguel R.


Iím an active, 77-year old, and I've always taken various health and herbal supplements. About a year ago, my eye doctor said I had a cataract and should come back in one year to have it checked. Once I began drinking Acai Blend six months ago, I found that I have a lot more energy and am also sleeping much better. But the big surprise came when I recently made another eye doctor appointment to have the cataract checked, explaining my previous instructions to this doctor. When the exam was completed, his comment was, "What cataract?" He couldn't find a trace of it! The ONLY change in my health regimen has been the addition of the Acai Blend!

Norm S.


After losing a leg to cancer in 1959 when I was 16, some 36 years later, I relearned to ski and raced a couple years with the Winter Park Disabled Ski Team. Then, I began competing ďheads-upĒ in the Rocky Mountain Masters with my two-legged peers. In Season 1999/2000, I won the Overall Combined and the Rocky Cup in Age Class VII, realizing a childhood dream.

For more than 45 years Iíve lived with the ďphantom painĒ often associated with limb loss, which manifested as a pin pricked cramped ďfoot.Ē In recent years I developed low back pain so intense that recently I was unable to tie a shoelace. Upon reviewing my X-rays and MRI, the neurosurgeon advised: 1) cortisone injections, 2) cut the nerves, or 3) tough it out.

With the back pain somewhat abated in May 2005, I skied in Austria and Italy but without the power and endurance of a few years ago. Then I began drinking the Acai Blend juice from the Amazon, 2 oz. twice a day. After only two weeks, my back pain was barely noticeable! Further, the power is back in my skiing, my thigh is not sore after a long ski day, my knee no longer aches and clicks and my energy level is superior to my BEST years racing. Even more amazing, the ďphantom painĒ I have lived with for decades has VANISHED! I have changed no other elements of my personal regimen and attribute my markedly better health and quality of life to the Acai Blend juice.

Forrest L.


Whoa, am I excited! Iím a grandmother, rather disMayed in recent years that the backs of my hands had developed a lot of freckles--I hate calling them ďage/liver spots!Ē My other ďagingĒ issue has been knuckles growing slightly larger (no pain!) and favorite rings no longer able to slip on. Because Iíve always had high energy and good health, I didnít expect to experience any dramatic health changes when I began drinking the Acai Blend from the Amazon about 3 months ago, typically just 1 oz, twice a day. It was nice to see my hair and nails growing much faster, but not until this morning did I notice that the dreaded freckles are essentially GONE! Spurred on, I raced to my jewelry box--the rings FIT AGAIN! Visually, my fingers were appearing more slim, but now I have proof positive! These are very welcome fringe benefits! Goodness only knows what other great things are happening inside my body!



I'm 87 years old and have had Parkinson's disease for a number of years. It caused severe soreness in my legs, so bad that it even hurt to rub them to try to help my circulation. It also made my head shake at times, and my right hand shook all the time. On top of that, I had arthritis in my knees, so it was very painful to try to get around. Four months ago, one of my sons sent me some Acai Blend, and I began drinking about an ounce and a half a day.

Within only a few weeks, all the pain and soreness simply vanished. So did all the tremors. I have no shaking at all, and another son tells me I look 10 years younger! Thank goodness for this wonderful juice.

Twila C.


I was actively playing rugby and soccer during my college days. I had 2 major injuries to my right leg. - I developed Runner's Knee and had a Talar Dome Fracture to my right ankle. Climbing up a flight of stairs, i would feel the pain in my ankle. Walking down the stairs, I could feel the ache in my knee. I was not able to go for long walks. Such recurring discomfort and pain has been a part of me for almost 20 years. doctors are convinced that my injury is a chronic one. I was exempted for National Service (Armed Forces) Reservist duties as a result.

I was introduced to the Acai Blend. After taking 7 bottles in 2 months, the pain i have been experiencing in the last 20 years; the pain that was so much a part of me - have gone away. I am able to jog and run with ease again. The result was certainly phenomenal and I have to thank Christopher Brink for introducing the product to me. The Acai Blend, truly, gives me a new lease of life again.

Wilson T.


I am 27 years old, and my work includes having been a Bounty Hunter in Colorado for about 8 years. About 4 years ago, I noticed I was losing the feeling in my feet. Walking became increasingly difficult because the numbness was making it hard to balance myself. The doctor told me I had Type II diabetes and had probably had it for 5-6 years.

I started drinking Acai Blend on May 8th, and by May I had gained back almost all the feeling in my feet. Walking is natural and easy again, and my knees don't crack the way they used to. I'm drinking a total of around 3 ounces a day.

I'm also giving my 5-year-old daughter two ounces a day of the Acai Original Blend. After about 6-8 weeks, I began noticing that she was much more calm and relaxed. She seemed to have a new sense of well being and serenity about her and was thinking things through before just acting on them as she'd done in the past. Even her teacher at school has commented and says Laree is now getting her work done on time, has much better concentration and is less aggressive on the playground.

Shaun L.


Fourteen years ago, I broke my right ankle in 3 places, leaving me with a plate and 9 pins in it. The swelling and pain have never, ever gone away since that time. In fact, it's grown worse in recent years with the swelling extending to the top of my foot and up into my lower leg. As a hairdresser with long days on my feet, I have typically been limping out of the salon at the end of the day in tremendous pain, almost unable to walk with shooting pains going through my entire leg. When I learned about the Acai Blend, I decided to give it a try and began drinking 2 oz, twice a day, hoping for at least some relief. Before the end of Day #2, after just three servings, I was absolutely amazed to find my right ankle the SAME size as my normal, left one--and it wasn't hurting at all! It's been 30 days now, and I have NO pain or swelling plus greater range of motion. Also, for a long time, I've had trouble sleeping and always looked tired and had no energy. That's changing also! I am sleeping much better, feeling more energy by the day, and people are telling me I don't look exhausted anymore! I can't wait to see what will happen next!

Cheryl S.


With a family of four and one on the way, I was definitely in need of an energy boost. Not to mention, I was suffering from severe knee pain, for which I had to undergo electrotherapy twice a week to break up the inflammation. Taking Tylenol was routine for me.

Since being introduced to Acai Blend Original in May (about 3 mos. pregnant), I started taking 2 ozs. twice daily. Within a week, I was having no pain at all, completely stopped the therapy for my knees, and stopped taking the Tylenol. I noticed a tremendous difference in my energy level as well. I was able to keep working full-time right up to the point of labor. After taking a short maternity break, I have returned to work full-time, and I am continuing to drink the Acai Blend--2 ozs. twice daily. It gives me the energy I need to keep going in my busy life.

Diane H.


I am 53 yrs of age and have been a very active and hard working person most of my life. Some 25 years ago, I worked in the chicken processing industry, which required me to collect and catch more than 3,000 3-4 lb chickens each night. This work was extremely physical and caused irreparable damage to my elbow joints.

I discovered glucosamine about 1 year ago, which substantially helped my elbow pain. When I heard about the Acai Blend tonic from the Amazon, I immediately stopped taking glucosamine and switched to this great tasting juice, drinking two ounces, twice a day. My wife began drinking the same amount.

I expected it would relieve my elbow pain, which happened almost immediately, but what I did NOT expect was all the other side benefits that came from consuming this amazing product. I have a new energy, a new vitality--and I can tell you that the Amazonians are absolutely right when they call the Acai Berry the Viagra of the Amazon. After 32 years of marriage, my wife and I are like a pair of honeymooners all over again, it really is amazing!! We are going to the gym 3 days a week, we have lost weight and we just feel on TOP of the world.

Andy L.



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Editor's Note:  We have been amazed by the overwhelming response of readers on their experiences with aÁaŪ juice blends.  While we understand how excited people get when they begin to experience healthy relief or reversal with an issue in their body, we want to encourage everyone to, rather than focus on "fixing what is broken", consider this...

Focus on increasing your health and wellness.  Become diligent in giving your body the very best nutrition to work with. Hippocrates, The Father of Modern Medicine said it best, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."  When you feed the body the best in nutrition, you give it the tools it needs to function at it's optimum.  It is what is happening at the cellular level that is most important.  When you get that right, consistently, these outward, tangible results stem from the body healing and balancing itself from within.


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