Energy is the currency of life.

You have probably heard the quote, “Yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely.

The great equalizer is no respecter of persons. Our most valuable asset is our time and everyone has the same twenty-four hours gifted to us each day.  The variable becomes how much life we fill those hours with.

Make no mistake, the fuel to get the most out of those twenty-four hours comes from our energy - or lack of it, for so many.  That energy is both physical and mental.

Whether it is cheering the kids on at their game, after a long day; getting a strong start to your day; being highly productive in your career; or spending vibrant quality time with your significant other, sixteen hours after you started your day - so much of our quality of life, and creating those all important moments with those we love, comes down to our energy level.

After all, business legend Jack Welch says that great leaders have loads and loads of positive energy and Pete Carroll, coach of USC football credits positive energy as a key ingredient to winning two national championships.

In today's fast paced society, we are under more pressure to perform in every area of our life.  Yet we have higher energy-robbing stress than ever.  We are over-fed, yet under-nourished with empty calories through processed foods.  With this, and all of the toxins in our environment, we are aging pre-maturely and opening the door to disease through free-radicals ravaging our cells.  We are not getting enough anti-oxidants from our nutrient-deficient produce to combat this process.  Many are not getting enough sleep.  And we wonder why we don't have the focus and stamina throughout the day.

People are looking for answers today.  They are reaching beyond the cups of coffee and cans of cola to create a growing mega-trend - of so called 'Energy drinks'.

As you have filled up your car at the local gas station or walked aisles of your local grocery store you have seen the presence of this trend exploding before you.

An unhealthy mega-trend?  Read on for better answers to energy.


You don't have to be Lance Armstrong to have great energy.

The energy drink market is the fastest-growing category (55% annually) and the demand is not difficult to understand why.

As we look at the artificial stimulants in some of the most popular products in this category, and what they do to our body, it is quite disturbing.

We found that some (usually 8 to 9 ounce cans) contain as much caffeine as 14 12oz. cans of Coca-Cola!  97% contain preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.

The primary ingredients are caffeine and sugar (in the form of glucuronolactone, sucrose and glucose).  So energy drinks will provide you with a quick burst of energy.

However, the effects of this energy drink wears off you'll start feeling lethargic and will likely crave another can to boost your energy once again which can even lead to a dangerous and increasing problem of caffeine intoxication.

Yes,  coffee also has caffeine, but it does not contain all those other artificial and energy-boosting ingredients that energy drinks contain.

The synergistic effect of ingesting multiple agents in combination can have a vastly different impact compared to each ingredient by itself.

One interesting effect of these caffeine-loaded beverages was shown to cause blood to become sticky, a pre-cursor to cardiovascular problems, such as stroke.

One hour after drinking Red Bull, your blood system becomes abnormal, as might be expected from a patient with cardiovascular disease.

These  drinks are banned in Norway, Uruguay and Denmark and several other counties, because of health risks.

So can we get a long-lasting, sustained, healthy energy and not expose ourselves to all of these potentially serious side effects of popular energy drinks?

The answer is a resounding yes and there are some very promising developments on the horizon - turn the page and let's look at how.






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