According to Walter S. Pebley, an authority on the subject, and James S. Baglien, a physiologist, "Freeze-drying is a process in which water is removed as vapor directly from ice, without passing through the liquid state.  This process is called sublimation, and requires reduced atmospheric pressure to occur.  All other drying methods us evaporation; that is, water is removed as vapor from liquid water with heated air."

Also important is that freeze-dried açaí does not require heat in the process.

Advantages of this process include the halt of enzymatic chemical reactions, thereby essentially halting the rapid decay process of açaí.

Since this method occurs in vacuum, there are none of the oxidative reactions that occur in all other processing methods.

Additionally, this process occurs at very low temperatures where enzymatic and bacterial breakdown does not happen.

Many other advantages have been found with using freeze-dried açaí, then reconstituting it with water to its original state to put in a juice blend.  Among these advantages are that it has been found to remain stable and virtually eliminates microbiological concerns that can be an issue in other processing, transportation and storage methods.

While nearly all açaí processors save the expense of the superior freeze-drying method, many continue to tout the ORAC values of the freeze-dried açaí, while that is not their type of raw ingredient.

Nature's Perfect & Complete Food

While the unrivaled antioxidant properties of açaí are getting more and more warranted attention, it is the total spectrum of what this amazing little berry contains that continues to redefine the idea of a superfood.  While the term 'superfood' is thrown around quite loosely today, the açaí berry is the one superfood that stands up to even the most stringent definition.

In fact, perhaps complete superfood would be more accurate.  As the açaí berry has the unique


distinction of being the only complete whole food known to man.  Contained in this small berry is literally everything needed to sustain life.  It is the only know food to have such profound properties.

Açaí has a protein profile similar to an egg.  It has a profile of healthy omega fatty acids greater than olive oil or avocado oil.  These monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for our metabolic functions.  This actually makes up approximately 82 percent of the berry, outside or its large seed.

Dr. Perricone, who was one of the first to bring national attention to the açaí berry in the United States when he touted it as The World's #1 Superfood on the Oprah Winfrey Show, said this in his book, The Perricone Weight-loss Diet, "Because of the excellent fatty acid, amino acid and anti-inflammatory profile, açaí deserves star billing.  One of the qualities I love about açaí is that it provides us quality protein, healthy fat, and powerful antioxidants all in one amazing berry."

Dr. Perricone goes on to explain, "all hormones, neurotransmitters, and insulin receptors function more efficiently; critically important to maintain homeostasis, that is, keeping the body working as it should because all of its systems are in balance."  He then says, "Açaí is good for weight loss because it contains cyanidin, a highly antioxidant phytochemical compound."

Studies have shown that açaí contains every essential and even non-essential amino acid needed for protein synthesis.  It contains all of the vitamins and minerals we need and 44 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams.

A complete list of what has been found in açaí is contained in the Super-Açaí CD-ROM PackageIn addition to the highlights above, the charts on the following page will give some perspective, from comparisons with the blueberry, of various nutritional contents of found in these fruits.

From the over ten times the anthrocyanins of red grapes; to anti-viral flavonoids and lysine; to immune-boosting selenium to it's broad and balanced spectrum - it is no wonder açaí is the only complete food.  Natives of this region of Brazil have been shown to live solely off of açaí, while showing no signs of malnutrition for 90 days.






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